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Mastering Airbnb Hosting: Key Steps to a Successful Rental

Updated: May 10

You are considering registering on the Airbnb platform to become a host. In fact, you have a second home, a guest room or a vacation home at your disposal. Rather than leaving your property without any use or function, seasonal rental remains an excellent option for generating income.

Airbnb Property Management and Concierge Services

How to rent your apartment on Airbnb and what are the steps to follow?

First of all, make sure that you have the right to share your accommodation in order to accommodate temporary tenants. In France, the regulations remain very strict on the subject and we advise you to read them to avoid the slightest dispute. We then speak of furnished tourist accommodation, that is to say short-term rental intended for temporary tenants. It can be a house, a villa, a studio or an apartment. No distinction is made between a secondary residence and a primary residence.

When it comes to your main apartment, you cannot exceed 120 annual nights since the application of the new French government law which came into force in 2018. However, some French cities are not yet concerned by this specificity. You yourself, do not forget to contact your municipality to find out if you need to register your property. If this is the case, you will receive a specific number that you must indicate on your ad. Finally, don't forget all the tax declarations in order to declare your income.

Before renting in France, check the regulations.

How does Airbnb work for hosts and what tools are available?

Rest assured, Airbnb remains extremely simple to use. Initially, you create your account using a valid email address. Your profile must be confirmed by the services concerned and you must therefore provide all supporting documents. When your account is activated, you can proceed to upload your ad. You add a detailed description and above all don’t forget to highlight attractive photos.

To help you, many tools are at your disposal, such as the calendar, defining the time slots and dates on which a reservation remains possible. No worries about invoicing, because it is also automatic and you find all this information from your interface. For greater simplicity, use the Airbnb application, allowing you to access your information from your mobile phone or tablet.

How to manage the check-in and check-out of your Airbnb guests?

Seasonal tenants will judge your accommodation, but also your welcome. Try to be as warm as possible and keep smiling in all circumstances. A refreshing drink upon their arrival is always appreciated. Take the time to explain how the devices work and the specifics of the accommodation. To this end, you organize a complete visit to your property.

Don’t forget to start the discussion around the property regulations. For example, emptying the bins after their departure, avoiding noise pollution, etc. To enhance your visitors' stay, local advice is always welcome.

You recommend certain tourist sites or gastronomic addresses to awaken their taste buds. You finish welcoming your guests by clarifying things to avoid any misunderstandings. If a problem ever arises, highlight the telephone numbers to contact, without forgetting your contact details.

Before departure time arrives, don't forget to remind your guests of this fateful moment. Be extremely explicit about how to leave the premises by leaving the accommodation neat and clean. For example, your guests will have to clean the dishes, but also manage the waste. Make a complete inventory ensuring that you have not suffered no damage. If an obvious problem appears, take photos.

When you have required a deposit, return it quickly after checking the entire property. Finally, end with a positive note by leaving a comment on the Airbnb platform. For your part, we recommend that you carry out a thorough cleaning so that your property can be rented again.

How do I contact Airbnb support as an owner if I have a problem?

Unfortunately, a misunderstanding or problem can always arise with your tenants. Rest assured, there is always a solution, even if dialogue is broken with your interlocutor. Between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m., specifically trained people are at your disposal from Monday to Sunday. We advise you to contact them by telephone to obtain a direct response by dialing 01 84 88 40 00.

If you wish to leave a written trace, email is obviously still possible by logging into your user interface. You will find a form to fill out online and the Airbnb service will get back to you as soon as possible. This is another particularly reliable solution and we advise you not to delay when you have the slightest question or concern. Although Airbnb has a French postal address, we do not recommend this methodology, as it takes much longer to obtain a response.

Generally speaking, the interface remains very easy to use and you will be able to manage your property yourself. For more peace of mind and to optimize your income, use of a concierge service remains recommended. You will discover a multitude of very useful services.

customer service
If you have any issues with your Airbnb tenants, contact support.

How to switch to host mode on Airbnb?

To become a host on Airbnb, go to the home page of the site or application and click on “Become a host”. Then follow the steps to create and publish your ad.

Where is my account on Airbnb?

Once you sign in to Airbnb, click on your profile picture at the top right of the home page to access your account and personal settings.

Where to find Airbnb booking settings?

In your host account, go to "Listing Management", then click "Booking Settings" to adjust your preferences, such as cancellation policies or guest requirements.

Where to find the regulations tab on Airbnb?

In the "Listing Management" section of your host account, find the "Rules & Regulations" tab to review and adjust the rules specific to your listing.

What Airbnb Host status?

As an Airbnb host in France, you can operate as an individual or as a professional, depending on the frequency and nature of your rentals. It is essential to find out about the tax and regulatory obligations associated with each status.

How to avoid Airbnb taxation?

It is illegal to avoid taxation. All income generated from rentals on Airbnb must be declared to the tax authorities. However, certain fees and expenses may be deductible, thereby reducing the tax payable.

Does Airbnb charge VAT?

Yes, in some countries Airbnb charges VAT on its service fees. In France, 20% VAT is applied to Airbnb service fees.

In France, Airbnb adds 20% VAT on its service fees.

What are the limits of Airbnb?

Airbnb has limits on the number of days a property can be rented without registration or licensing, especially in large cities. These limits vary depending on local regulations.

How do I contact Airbnb in case of a problem?

If you encounter a problem, you can contact Airbnb customer service through the help center on the site or app. There is also an emergency line available 24/7 for serious situations.

How to change Rib on Airbnb host?

To change your RIB on Airbnb, go to “Account” then “Payment methods”. Click on “Add a payment method” and follow the instructions to add your new RIB. Then make sure to set it as your default payment method.

Airbnb Property Management and Concierge Services


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