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Understanding the Cleaning Fees on Airbnb

Cleaning linens, dusting, and cleaning toilets are all necessary tasks when hosting a guest. However, these operations require time after the departure of each of your guests. That's why Airbnb cleaning fees are set up to pay for this cleaning or to use a service provider.

Airbnb : cleaning fees, what they mean

On Airbnb, the cleaning fee is a one-time fee for guests to cover additional expenses related to the cleaning of the rental. This applies after each guest departure, but it is important to know that these fees are not systematically charged. Some owners prefer to include it directly in the price of the night.

This is a specificity to be taken into consideration, especially if you have just registered on the platform, because you do not know all the subtleties.

Guests must pay a separate cleaning fee on Airbnb.

How do I add cleaning fees on Airbnb?

An Airbnb cleaning fee can be applied by yourself and you define the pricing yourself. However, you should know that depending on the fees you apply, they will have a direct impact on the profitability of your property.

Regarding the cleaning fees, they are automatically applied to a reservation and allow the owners to maintain a clean accommodation. As you probably know, this is an absolutely crucial criterion in an effective strategy.

So to change or add the cleaning fee to your accommodation, simply go to your ad and select the ad you want. Then click on "pricing and availability" in order to go to the "fees" section. You should see the option "cleaning fees" and thus modify this parameter. You define the most appropriate amount yourself.

But be aware that the fees will only be applied to future reservations and not to the one already in progress. But don't forget to apply an Airbnb cleaning fee amount that is totally consistent with the market.

Are Airbnb cleaning fees mandatory?

As you might expect, if you add a cleaning fee, the rental price is bound to be higher. However, you should know that there are different tricks you can use to keep the price of your vacation rental competitive.

First of all, get all the necessary information about the competition. The competition is obviously local, so you can see whether or not the other accommodations include cleaning costs. Also find out what the rates are. This way, you will be able to make your decision more easily to calculate the cleaning costs.

Then you will have to decide whether to do the cleaning yourself or hire a service provider. Also keep in mind that if you set the cleaning fee at 100 €, not all travelers will like this price. This is especially true if they only want to stay for one night. However, if the rental is for a week, the cleaning costs will be largely amortized.

To avoid any misunderstanding, it is important to communicate as soon as possible with your tenants. Also keep in mind to be flexible to minimize the risks while optimizing the cleaning costs.

Why not have a professional accompany you?

If you are not a cleaning specialist, if you do not have the opportunity or if you lack time, you have every reason to consider working with a professional. The latter will do the work for you, for a fee agreed upon from the start.

Hiring a professional to handle the cleaning can save you time.

For the best value for money, go directly to the UpperKey concierge service. The latter is able to accompany you on the cleaning of your seasonal rental, whether on the platform or on other rental platforms.

But that's not all, a turnkey service is waiting for you in order to benefit from a real support from an administrative point of view. With the concierge service, you will be able to provide your guests with clean linens, quality toiletries, a thorough cleaning of all rooms so that they can have an unforgettable experience.

Are Airbnb cleaning fees tax deductible?

When you host travelers, it's essential to file your income tax return as part of a vacation rental. However, not all of your Airbnb income will be taxable. Some items may be deductible depending on your status. This is the case if you have taken out a mortgage, if you have rental commissions, insurance etc. But you should know that household expenses can also be deductible from your taxable income.

For more information, it is imperative to contact a tax advisor, as the rules vary depending on the country of rental.

How do I calculate the cleaning costs on

This is a difficult question to answer, as it all depends on the size of your accommodation and its configuration. Overall, it will cost you between 30 and 45 euros for the complete cleaning of a 25 m² studio. Expect to pay between 60 and 75 euros for the cleaning of a surface of about 50 m². Finally, if you have an apartment or a house of 100 m², the cost of a cleaning service will be between 110 and 180 €. As you can imagine, the larger the surface of the house, the higher the price of the cleaning service.

Calculate the cleaning costs according to the size of your rental.

In addition, the cleaning costs can be broken down into different services in order to make the accommodation completely clean and habitable. In this context, the costs include the cleaning of blankets and sheets, towels, the use of cleaning products etc.

Of course, it is always possible to manage your holiday rental yourself, but this requires time and knowledge.