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Airbnb Owner's Guide: How to Rent and Manage Your Home Effectively

If you are owner of a property, you have every reason to be interested in seasonal rentals. Especially on the Airbnb platform, because it is a great lever to promote your accommodation. However, some explanations are necessary in order to know the habits and customs of the site.

Property management and Airbnb concierge services

How to put your accommodation on Airbnb and what are the criteria to respect?

To seasonally rent your property, you must have an Airbnb account. Do not panic if you do not have one, the operation is completely free and will only take you a few minutes. Indeed, you will discover an intuitive and ergonomic interface. Once your account has been validated, go to the ads section to add yours.

We recommend that you pay as much attention as possible to the details of the accommodation in relation to its location and technical characteristics. Do not forget to add quality photos, otherwise potential tenants will miss out on your ad.

To put your property on Airbnb for seasonal rental, create a free account, add the details of the accommodation and quality photos.

How does Abritel work for landlords compared to Airbnb?

Airbnb and Abritel are online platforms specializing in seasonal rentals. The approach is slightly different between the two industry giants. Abritel caters more to longer vacation rentals. The reservation is made directly with owners and on the platform, you indicate the dates of availability, the equipment present and the price of the reservation.

Airbnb remains the global leader in short-term rental, even if you can perfectly rent a property for several weeks. The American giant is stepping up its communication around unique accommodations in order to experience an unforgettable stay. Also noteworthy is the flexibility of the pricing model that you adjust according to the season.

What are the advantages of creating a concierge service for seasonal rentals?

The creation of a concierge service for seasonal rentals remains particularly interesting and as a result, you will benefit from a multitude of benefits. Starting with simplified management, as you no longer have to worry about check-ins, reservations, cleaning and communication with guests. It's a way to improve the customer experience. As a result, you will receive more positive reviews, which encourages reservations. The concierge also brings a touch of professionalism to reassure you and the guests.

The concierge service is a flexible service that can meet your needs perfectly. You define the useful services and those which do not interest you. Finally, you benefit from saving time and money, because the concierge is at your side to optimize the rates for temporary rentals. A necessity to maximize your income and thus amortize your investment as quickly as possible.

How do you know if a deposit is required for your listing on Airbnb?

Renting your property is a source of concern. You are afraid that it will suffer the degradation of unscrupulous travellers. Do not panic, there are concrete solutions by directing you to the deposit on Airbnb.

It is a security measure to prevent injustice and abuse such as damage or theft. It is a guarantee of trust in order to establish a lasting bond between the traveler and yourself. At the time of booking, a defined budget must be available in your traveller's bank account.

Rest assured, the deposit is not taken, except in the event of a dispute in order to reimburse the damage to your property. Above all, define the amount of the deposit in relation to the duration of the reservation and in particular to the pricing of the stay. For his part, the tenant accepts the possibility of being debited if ever damage is noticeable on your property.

Tips and tricks for a successful Airbnb experience

Every detail should be taken care of in your ad to avoid any disappointment from your temporary tenant . So, you are as honest as possible and make yourself available to answer any questions you may have. To facilitate the reception, set up a specific booklet, gathering all the useful information of the accommodation.

But you could go even further by indicating the essential places in your neighborhood such as restaurants, bars, atypical places or even historical monuments.

Tips for a successful Airbnb experience: Pay attention to detail, be honest and available, share local attractions.

How do I access my Airbnb account and manage my reservations?

You have two options for managing reservations. From the Airbnb app or by logging into the website. In any case, you need to identify yourself using your e-mail address and your password. Once you are connected to your interface, all you have to do is go to the “reservations” section.

The next page details the organized reservations that you filter by arrival date. It is from this place that you properly manage your reservations.

How to cancel a reservation on Airbnb for free?

To avoid penalties following the cancellation of a reservation, you must justify your decision. Otherwise, you will have no choice but to bear the cancellation costs. Among the valid reasons, a reason totally beyond your control. You suffer from water damage or you have a gas leak. Serious illness is also recognized as just cause. Same scenario if you think the traveler intends to break the house rules.

Not to mention cases of force majeure such as government restrictions, an epidemic or an emergency situation. Free cancellation is also possible when the accommodation is not suited to the needs of the traveler. Finally, the last scenario concerns the concern you have because of the accumulation of negative comments from the traveler.

What are some examples of comments to leave to a host after your stay?

When the experience has gone well, it is strongly advised to leave a positive comment. In it, you simply describe your experience and your feelings. On the other hand, you could raise negative elements, but keep in mind that the comments should never be used as a court. Therefore, always remain moderate in your comments and when you have a problem, you settle it in private with the person concerned and the platform.

Leave a positive review after a good Airbnb experience and resolve issues privately, avoid negative reviews.

How to get reimbursed by Airbnb in case of problems?

To handle disputes and your refund requests, the Airbnb Resolution Center remains the essential starting point. First of all, start the discussion with the person concerned and if you see that you cannot find common ground, you make a request in the resolution center. Log in to your Airbnb account from the website or app and follow the instructions to request a refund.

How to advertise on Airbnb?

To promote your listing on Airbnb, you can use the platform's built-in marketing tools, such as special offers or extended stay discounts. Off the platform, you can share your ad on social media, create a dedicated website, or even use paid ads to reach a wider audience.

Property management and Airbnb concierge services


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