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Understanding Airbnb Fees as an Owner: A Comprehensive Guide

Of course, the platform is absolutely essential when it comes to vacation rentals. The company has succeeded in revolutionizing the way of traveling with millions of listings around the world. In the end, hundreds of millions of travelers have already used and adopted it. As a homeowner, the temptation is great to make a property investment in vacation rentals. But you must understand the different costs, absolutely unavoidable to take advantage of it.

Representing the allure of investing in vacation rentals and maximizing returns
Explore the opportunity to become a vacation rental owner, but be aware of the essential costs to optimize your investment.

Considering Airbnb fees as a host

Renting well is absolutely essential to getting a quick return on investment. But Airbnb and additional fees are absolutely unavoidable. If they are put in place, it's to make the platform easier to use and to benefit from excellent visibility within the search engines. You don't need to put any effort into promotion.

When you visit the Airbnb service fee page, you will quickly notice that you will be charged a fee of about 3 to 5%. This charge will be made automatically every time a booking is made on your property.

But it is important to know that the guests making the reservation of your accommodation will also be subject to service charges. The amount of the service charge will vary between 5 and 15 percent. This is an amount to be added to the initial cost of the reservation.

Various factors come into play, including the length of the reservation and the location of the property. In this context, it is impossible to ignore this service fee.

However, Airbnb 2023 fees are going to be calculated differently. Previously, a fee of around 25% was seen between the guest and the host. But Airbnb has since decided to backtrack and phase out the service fee for hosts. On your end, this is a great opportunity in your property management. So, you have two options - adopt the new model or share the fee with your guests.

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Understanding accommodation fees

From the moment you start renting out properties on the Airbnb platform, hosting fees are absolutely unavoidable. You must therefore take them into account in your rental management, whether you do it yourself or by delegating. But let's get back to the hosting fees. They are automatically set up when you create your Airbnb account.

However, if you have an older account, you still have the option to activate it. In other words, these are fully paid for by you and therefore guests do not have to pay any additional fees when they make a reservation. The minimum charge is 14%, but in some cases it can be as high as 20%.

If you have a strict cancellation policy, as a matter of right, an additional 2% fee will automatically be added.

Understanding the split between guest and host fees

To figure out how much commission Airbnb takes, you first need to define how the fees are split. This time, it's the old model that splits the fee with the guests and the host. This is still possible, you just need to set up your account as such.

If you prefer this management mode, guests will experience an additional 3% charge. An amount deducted at the time of payment of the reservation. But of course, it is imperative that the reservation is finalized.

A fair sharing system and transparent fees in Airbnb's fee split model
Transparent fees for a fair sharing system! Airbnb's fee split model ensures clarity and fairness.

When someone books your property using the Airbnb platform, a service fee of around 13% will automatically apply. To know the exact amount, it is necessary to consider a set of elements such as the duration of the reservation.

The principle of Airbnb's simplified pricing

This is a new feature that was introduced in fall 2020. It only affects owners using third-party software. This time, the fee for the owner is fixed, in the amount of 15%. An obligation from the moment you use an intermediate software. The solution is called Airbnb Simplified Pricing and it aims to simplify the commissions.

Nevertheless, you should know that you will not be able to choose between owner-only fees and shared fees. The new Airbnb solution applies automatically. But be careful, because the geographical area comes into play. Let's say that the majority of your listings are in Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Canada, Taiwan, the Bahamas or the United States, the solution presented above is not available. This is the only exception and if you are in this situation, you will choose between the shared rate and the owner rate.

At first glance, this pricing may seem unfair. But it's about applying a fixed fee, allowing for a more simplified view of the rental management strategy to be put in place. With the absence of service fees for the traveler, the attractiveness of the ads increases accordingly.

The solution quickly became a huge success, as landlords using this system experienced an increase in bookings of approximately 17%. For the customer, the interest is then palpable, because they can see a transparent pricing, without additional Airbnb fees.

This way, they feel like they're saving money, and they make a booking more easily and confidently.

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Why trust UpperKey with seasonal rental management?

On your side, you are a bit lost in front of the numerous fees generated by the platform. So to put all the chances on your side in terms of profitability, without the administrative hassle, trust the UpperKey agency.

Indeed, your property, whether it is an apartment or a house, will be directly managed by professionals. They have a perfect knowledge of the fees on the Airbnb platform and the different tips and tricks to apply to get the best possible profitability.

Simplify your life with professional management
Benefit from their in-depth knowledge and experience to optimize your property's earnings.

This way, you have a maximum occupancy rate with the price per night systematically adjusted to the characteristics of your property. But that's not all, UpperKey can also manage any property worldwide. Its expertise and experience will literally make the difference.

This way, you don't have to worry about calculating the various fees. At regular intervals, you will receive your income in relation to the profitability of your property. Don't ask yourself any more questions and adopt UpperKey Concierge immediately.


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