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Clerkenwell Property Management

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

A popular and affluent area near Central London, Clerkenwell attracts families and working professionals with its historical buildings and excellent amenities
With its positive aesthetic factors and suitable transport links, Clerkenwell is an attractive choice for landlords looking to invest in the area.

Why Utilise the Services of a Property Management Company in Clerkenwell?

Clerkenwell is an established affluent area near Central London. It is a popular area for families to live and for working professionals too, with great schools and suitable transport links to the rest of the City of London to keep people connected. With plenty of historical buildings such as old churches and grade 2 listed properties adding to the general positive aesthetic factors, there is a lot of appeal for landlords to invest in the area. Owning property and managing tenants is all well and good if you have the time to do it, but there are alternatives to explore to make life easier. So, if you are a property owner in Clerkenwell looking to outsource your flat to a property management company, UpperKey has a lot to offer.

The Appeal of Clerkenwell for Landlords

Both domestic and holiday flat lets can benefit from the Clerkenwell area. It is, in fact, one of the most popular areas for tourists because it has so much on the doorstep of its properties. Everything from shops to restaurants and galleries adds to the kerb appeal of the area and there are plenty of other factors at play as well.

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The Location Perks

Clerkenwell has a lot to offer in this area. There are Michelin star restaurant options, quaint cafes, historical points of interest, and more culture hotspots than you would think possible for a relatively small slice of the greater City. This is what makes it a brilliant area for tourism in a holiday let framework, but also for families who want easy access to a range of activities. It is close enough to the famous Oxford Street area, and Kings Cross, Holborn, Islington, and Bloomsbury too.

The Demographic

Clerkenwell has a varied demographic like any area. There is a fairly low student subscription (around 7%) compared to other areas despite being close to a few noticeable Higher Education establishments. For a population of around 21,000, a small portion of these are seniors and young people with the main makeup being people in their late twenties to early thirties – the prime rental market audience. There are, of course, a lot of tourists and holidaymakers in and out of the area as well.

Crime Patterns and Area Safety

People want to feel safe walking home in the dark or nipping to the local shop, and they seek reassurance their area can provide that security. Clerkenwell is considered to be a lot safer than other areas in London with a relatively low crime rate across most areas that reflects this. For instance, of over 1000 recorded crimes, only five were related to car theft and four were linked to burglary offenses. These are the main two concerns for property owners, so these figures are attractive in that respect.

How UpperKey Can Help

So, what can UpperKey do for flat owners looking to let to a wider audience and have some input on Clerkenwell property management? UpperKey’s Clerkenwell property management and protection contracts are entirely comprehensive and holistically designed to provide reliability in all contexts for landlords and property owners expanding into this platform.

Expanded reach and access to a wider audience
UpperKey's property management services in Clerkenwell can help flat owners attract a broader range of potential tenants, maximizing occupancy rates and rental income.

Helping with the Tenant Search

Finding a tenant is arguably the most important part of becoming a landlord. It is hard to avoid the fact that covid negatively impacted the rental market, making the relationship between tenant and landlord more strained than perhaps before the pandemic. There is a call for general reform in the housing market, and many prospective tenants outweigh the actual capacity for housing. With all these problems to navigate, having a specific company to provide services in property management Clerkenwell will be entirely useful for multiple reasons.

  • Providing a point of communication for tenant enquiries; for instance, to arrange viewings.

  • Vetting candidates prior to viewing appointments, or upon receipt of interest.

  • Shortlisting and establishing references.

  • Covering all bases for moving in the new tenants, i.e., any and all administration.

  • Ongoing management of tenants while they inhabit your flat.

  • Serving notice to tenants when the time comes.

Financial Protection

One of the best things property management companies Clerkenwell based like UpperKey can do for your rental is provide financial protection in a range of circumstances. For example, when the flat is empty because a tenant has left and you haven’t found a suitable replacement tenancy, guaranteed rent schemes are extremely helpful. Similarly, if your flat is a holiday let as opposed to a domestic one, and therefore sees a lot of traffic in and out, UpperKey can help you secure the optimal rates for your property and accelerate the subscription as well.

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A Guaranteed Efficiency

Another compelling factor that property management businesses have to offer is their top-tier attitude and policy approaches to property maintenance. As a landlord, regardless of the format, you have responsibilities to ensure the flat you’re leasing out is habitable, safe, legal, and in a state of repair at all times. If you fail to uphold this, you are liable for fines and other legal repercussions. UpperKey takes care of all reported repairs with amazing links in the local industry to get the job done quickly and correctly. If you give your approval and a budget, they are able to act on your behalf and ensure the property remains of a high caliber all year round.

Allowing them to promptly address and resolve reported repairs on your property, ensuring it remains in top condition year-round
Hassle-free property maintenance with UpperKey - UpperKey's property management services ensure that your flat in Clerkenwell is well-maintained, safe, and in compliance with legal requirements, saving you from fines and legal issues.


Finally, and arguably the most important point is that UpperKey brings a level of experience to your mission that regular landlords just do not have. They have a high class range of employees who know the areas and understand the needs of the tenants for that particular zone. This is invaluable and will maximise the efficiency of your let, ensure all your questions are answered upfront, and bring the best to your flat where it may have otherwise fallen short.

Clerkenwell is a versatile area and investment opportunity for established or new landlords looking to create a career out of their properties. With a constant flux of tourism and people wanting to be in this area, UpperKey can assist in guaranteeing the best possible outcome for your property and make smart, informed decisions around which moves are best and in which direction you need to head.


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