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Barbican Property Management

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Understanding what property management can offer
Gaining positive influence from property management services.

Barbican Landlords: Key Advantages of Property Management Services

Being a landlord in a vibrant area like Barbican in London can be both a challenge and a blessing. Whether you let your flat out on a short-term basis or are operating with long-term tenant models, there is a wide scope here for understanding and opportunity which must be explored thoroughly in each corner. Even veteran landlords can gain a lot of positive influence from established property management services when they know what can be offered and what they will receive in return.

Being a Landlord in a Popular Area

There is a major difference worth highlighting between being a landlord in a high influence area like Barbican vs. a lesser known suburb. Owning a property that is in high demand is nothing new, and given the recent shifts in the rental market, there are a lot of areas that have risen on the radar regardless of mitigating factors.

However, popular areas like this that see a lot of tourists in and out on a regular basis (for instance, because of the Barbican Centre) can affect the way that residents interact with the rental prospects as well. There is an opportunity to create short term holiday lets through Airbnb or other platforms that often yield profitable turnover, but there is an argument still for long-term tenancy agreements as well. Where you decide to move will depend on what you want from the property and how you engage with external management options too.

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Property Management Advantages

There are lots of advantages in this area for landlords. With a population of over 20,000, the housing market in Barbican is prosperous, to say the least. There are always properties turning over, and people wanting to either visit the area on a short-term let, or professionals and families looking to live here as well. This then translates into the perfect storm for landlords looking to invest and capitalise here, something which can only be boosted by engaging with Barbican property management services.

Short-Term Lets Advantages

Let’s first begin with the advantages of holiday style lets and other short-term accommodation options. These are bound to be a popular model of renting for such a tourist focused area and finding the right property management Barbican bound is going to be the best way forward.

Advertisement Factors

How do you market a short-term let? Do you take your own photographs and place them on an online listing? This is definitely the best way to go, but how do you optimise this process so that it reaches more viewers? How do you ensure this listing is valid and reliable, hosted on a trustworthy platform? As a landlord, you don’t typically have access to this kind of information. However, for property management companies Barbican based, this is a particular area of expertise that you can take advantage of. They will understand what needs to happen and how to action those agendas into prosperous manifestations.

Ensuring a valid and reliable listing on trustworthy platforms
Taking advantage of professional insights for prosperous outcomes.

Maintenance Procedures

With such a high turnover of occupants, there is bound to be a higher flux of maintenance factors to navigate. Overall, these might be minor; however, even minor things can detract from the value of your asset and decrease your status as a short-term let landlord. Negative press is not beneficial in this market, and you need the reviews to stay positive. Therefore, you need your property to maintain an expected quality for every single person that comes and goes. UpperKey will be a helpful relationship in this respect. They are on hand to correctly deal with reported repairs and any problems that might crop up during a stay or after a tenant leaves.

Key Safety

Last but definitely not least, there is the question of how to handle the key management factors. Whether you have a system in place or not, there are always safer options to explore. UpperKey knows exactly what to do and how to implement protocol here. Key management does not have to be a stressful thing, but it is an essential factor that needs a reliable solution for everyone who books into your property.

Long-Term Lets Advantages

Long-term lets also require Barbican property management and protection. These are the properties that house six to twelve month contracts that may last for years with the right tenants on board. Having someone to lean on and assist in all essential areas is extremely valuable and increases your credibility, reliability, and the financial model of the asset overall.

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Secure Tenancies

Secure tenancies are undeniably the most influential factor to guide landlords toward companies like UpperKey. Not only will they be able to completely evaluate every potential tenant coming forward with an interest in securing a rental agreement, but they will also be able to ensure integrity throughout the rental period. Where there are problems, they can be flagged and noted until a resolution comes around. If there ever comes a day when a tenant is not upholding their part of the rental stipulations, property management services will be able to deal with this before it becomes a major issue for the landlord. What are the main issues that long-term rental models face?

  • Rent arrears

  • Property damage

  • Breach of rental agreement, i.e., pets where they are not allowed

  • Illegal occupants

The importance of secure rental agreements
Secure tenancies is the key to choosing property management companies like UpperKey.

No Loss of Income

The biggest issue facing landlords in this scope is a loss of income. This might look like property damage and therefore devaluation owing to costly repairs and renovation or a backlog in rent not being paid because of an absent property or tenants not upholding their agreement. Regardless of the root cause of these issues, they are definitely problematic for any landlord trying to retain value of their property asset. Property management services strive to rectify, prevent and revolutionise all of the above issues by providing security where it would not be available independently.

Barbican landlords may look to consider property management services regardless of how they choose to let out their flats and other types of domestic buildings. There is a lot of opportunity in this area for tenants to come and go, and it is one of the busiest spots in the City of London for renters. The market is competitive, and anything that gives you the edge is worth exploring.


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