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Promote Your Vacation Rental Business using Instagram

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Today, Instagram is a go-to marketing tool with over a billion users. So why not use its potential to highlight your vacation rental. Indeed, it is a network acclaimed by travelers wishing to share their experience through thousands of photos. In addition, Instagram is an essential social network for Airbnb hosts wishing to promote their property.

Instagram as used in promoting an Airbnb business
Just like other types of business, a vacation rental may also be promoted through social media platforms such as Instagram.

How to use Instagram to highlight your vacation rental?

Don't be afraid to show off your apartment or house from different angles. On the contrary, it is a way to highlight it by highlighting the quality of the layout and decoration. Each piece will be the subject of special attention through images or why not short videos.

Of course, if you have a breathtaking view, you will attract more people to your rental. However, the quality of the photographs is also paramount. Also set up a context to highlight the presence of local activities.

Not only are you promoting your rental property, but also the neighborhood. So if you have a quality bakery or a good pastry shop, don't hesitate to take pictures of them to add them to your Instagram account. If you have a cool restaurant or atmospheric bar, take a picture when you're there to share the insider tip.

Naturally, you play on the diversity of content on your Instagram feed. But for more efficiency, always use the right hashtags as a holiday hashtag, but we will come back to this later. You will gain more followers by following this methodology. If you are targeting an audience consisting of families with children, be sure to include photos of a nearby green space.

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Insert the link of your Airbnb ad

If you specifically create an Instagram account to promote your vacation rental, we advise you to add the link of your Airbnb ad by inserting it in your bio. Thus, you give the possibility to your visitors to book your accommodation extremely easily.

Imagine that you seduce them with an enticing description and quality photographs, if they do not find a link to book, you risk losing potential customers.

Regarding hashtags, we advise you to bet on popular and relevant words. Of course, in line with your property and its location. Let's say an Instagram user is looking for an upcoming vacation destination. To get inspired, he will use keywords.

If you are the owner of an apartment in Dubai, Paris or Dublin, always use a hashtag in line with the city and of course the neighborhood. To give maximum visibility to your publications on Instagram, also use the following expressions: #holidays, #holidays, #airbnb, #locationvacances, #airbnbhost or #airbnbsuperhost.

The interest of Storytelling in your Instagram publications

Interacting on social networks and more particularly on Instagram is not limited to posting images of the interior of your home and the decoration. In general, users appreciate the proximity to Airbnb hosts. So why not tell your story and the memories you were able to share in this place. For example, an unforgettable football match or a special event.

If you lack inspiration, tap into the experience of your tenants. Perhaps you have already hosted a very nice family collecting clothes for charity. If so, ask their permission to take photos and post them to your Instagram account. If seasonal tenants also have an account on the same social network, they will also share their experience which will give you more visibility.

Keeping memories through taking pictures of remarkable views in a place
Providing a good storyline will make the tenants eager to stay in your place.

What are the multiple Instagram advantages for a vacation rental?

Thanks to Instagram, you will gain visibility and it is a great opportunity to win new customers. With engaging content and the right use of hashtags, you generate interest. Your property will be visible to a large audience and easily, potential customers access your account and more specifically your Airbnb listing.

In addition, you develop your relationships in order to interact with your audience. The network culture remains essential and not only with potential customers. When you have local businesses, follow those businesses to increase the value you provide to your audience. It is a way of offering additional services during the seasonal rental.

Posting on Instagram improves trust. Indeed, many people turn to social networks to find information. If you present your vacation rental, its neighborhood and nearby activities, you establish an excellent communication lever to gain the trust of your customers.

Why entrust the management of your property on Instagram to a concierge?

To fully use the potential of Instagram, entrust this work to a concierge specialized in the field. UpperKey is at your side with solid expertise that will allow you to quickly make your seasonal rental profitable with an optimized occupancy rate.

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