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How to Open an Airbnb Agency?

Becoming an Airbnb concierge remains perfectly possible, as long as you anticipate your project correctly. Even if you are full of good will, know that careful organization is still necessary to manage all aspects. But, if you do it the right way, you'll grow your business by specializing in seasonal rental.

The opportunity to become an Airbnb concierge with proper planning and organization
Embark on a successful journey as an Airbnb concierge with proper planning.

The first step to opening a concierge

To offer your Airbnb concierge services, reflection is required rather than rushing. In all circumstances, you keep a cool head and by doing so, you will obtain satisfactory results. First, focus on creating a concierge business. You define the most appropriate legal entity. In case of doubt, it is better to be accompanied by a specialist, that is to say a lawyer.

If you are more than one to create a concierge, choose SAS or SARL status. If you are alone, prefer the SASU, EURL status or why not as a self-employed person to be an Airbnb concierge. Be careful, whatever choice you make, it will have a considerable influence on the overall management of your concierge business. By choosing the self-employed status, the administrative formalities are greatly simplified, but you are limited in your turnover.

During the creation, define from the start a capital of at least €1,000. Do not forget once again to be accompanied by a professional to establish all the commercial documents. Not only about management contracts and rental contracts, without forgetting the general conditions of sale. Otherwise, you may encounter many mishaps.

If you are not sure of your activity, self-employment remains interesting. No need to have a minimum capital, but be careful, your personal effects are committed, because there is no distinction between the legal and physical person. However, the advantages in terms of simplicity are many and you could legally start your concierge company.

Beyond the status, do not forget to take into consideration the business plan. It is a solid document that will help you make the best decisions by following a methodical approach.

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All about the business plan

Setting up a conciergerie requires going in the right direction based on the business plan. A step of great importance, but often overlooked by many entrepreneurs. As a result, they are not able to maintain their activity for at least five years. You have to see your short project term, but also in the long term by making informed choices.

This is why the establishment of the business plan remains essential to design all the activities of your activity. It is a roadmap that limits the risk of failure, while greatly simplifying the management of the activity. You know the objectives to be achieved, but also the means to be deployed. Of course, this is a significant investment, but advantageous in the long term.

The plan takes up the essential steps for creating a concierge service, starting with defining the objectives. Then focus on market analysis, define your offer and finish with your communication strategy. It is a methodical plan to be established with the greatest rigor.

What elements should be taken into consideration to define the objectives to be achieved?

The objectives are both qualitative and quantitative. No need to project yourself over several years, focus on your first year of activity. Then, evolve your business plan according to your turnover. Moreover, you estimate this one and therefore you define the number of potential customers.

For simplicity, creating a concierge service in your city remains interesting, because you naturally have a better knowledge of the demographic data, the economic situation and of course the neighborhoods. As a result, you more easily identify needs globally and then you can focus on other agglomerations.

In large cities or generally in tourist areas, you are not the only concierge present and therefore you will have to face the competition. It is sometimes wiser to choose a smaller city to avoid too fierce competition.

Signifying the advantage of having a better knowledge of the local area as a concierge
Leverage your knowledge of the local area as a concierge.

Analyze the market before opening your concierge company

You may dream of becoming an Airbnb partner, but before you do, prove yourself. Analyze the market to determine the potential customer and what type of business you are able to handle. Depending on your resources, the type of traveler will not be the same. The persona technique has been proven to define the ideal client.

In other words, it's a true representation of your regular customer. An interesting approach to better target the services offered. Your persona is based on different criteria such as the objectives of the imaginary customer, values, demographic criteria as well as any useful source of information allowing you to meet their expectations.

Take the time to define your offer before opening your concierge

Your concierge activity should leave no room for doubt. At the start, make it as simple as possible by offering predefined services and of course by determining the associated prices. No need to systematically tailor-made, because the task becomes much more difficult. No need to reinvent the wheel, rely on the competition to offer services and your price list.

Above all else, remember that quality is paramount. When a customer comes to you, they expect quality service and added value. By doing it the right way, you will succeed in distinguishing yourself from the competition. Once the service is correctly offered, you determine the appropriate price.

The simplest thing is to carry out a market study to position yourself on consistent pricing. Without forgetting the desired profitability and of course the expenses that are your responsibility. In any case, the definition of the price is above all a strategic approach. Depending on the feedback from your customers, you adapt your price list.

Achieve profitability by balancing expenses and pricing as a concierge
Deliver quality service and added value as a concierge.

Create a property concierge based on a communication strategy

To achieve maximum visibility, your Airbnb concierge needs a real communication strategy. Otherwise, customers won't be able to find you. The first visibility concerns above all the Internet. So, it is impossible to skip the creation of your website.

Every detail must be taken care of so that you can add value from the first seconds. Do not forget to present in detail your company, but also the services you offer. A contact form should be clearly visible to easily collect contact information from your potential customers. If possible, by offering a free estimate.

When it comes to websites, SEO is inseparable so that you can appear in the first search results on Google. At the same time, work on your communication on social networks. Do not forget to register on specialized platforms. On the other hand, the paper medium is not necessarily recommended for your activity.

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