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Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Airbnb Locks for Hosts

Updated: May 13

An Airbnb connected lock offers you many facilities for renting a furnished accommodation. In this way, travelers have complete autonomy upon arrival. A facility both for them, but also for you, because you are not obliged to be present.

The benefits of remote door opening for passenger autonomy
Enhance guest experience with convenient and flexible access, allowing them to arrive at their own pace.

Why use a remote door opening system?

Remote door opening is a fully functional system based on passenger autonomy. Thus, you offer them an enhanced experience with ubiquitous comfort. They are not obliged to arrive at a specific time, a significant facility for better managing the schedule. For example, temporary tenants can perform perfectly a break during their journey or a small detour. Even if they arrive a few hours later, the connected lock offers them this possibility.

A contactless arrival is also reassuring after the difficult health situation we have been through in recent years. For the manager as well as the owner, opening a building door with a smartphone considerably reduces entry costs. Finally, how not to mention the many opening modes, while keeping a physical key if you ever need one.

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Controlling your lock via the Internet

A building intercom with door opening via the Internet greatly simplifies the arrival of your temporary traveler. Indeed, the activation of the lock is done from any place. For simplicity, we strongly advise you to invest in a model compatible with your mobile phone. But be careful, because the intercom with automatic opening is not necessarily compatible with this feature.

But for an Airbnb rental, the remote control of the connected lock is very practical to avoid moving around. So, before making your final selection, compare existing models and choose a product compatible with this feature.

Vigilance also on the power supply mode of the automatic opening by intercom. The majority of models work with a motorized cylinder to drive the locking mechanism. Regarding autonomy, it all depends on the frequency of use. That is to say the frequency of passage, but also the number of users.

Rest assured, current products offer you at least six months of operation and some go beyond 18 months. However, the type of food remains a non-negligible criterion. The lock works with a battery and a recharge of a few hours is necessary for it to be functional again. A specificity to take into consideration in order to go there to reload it.

The importance of choosing a compatible model
Compare and select an intercom compatible with remote control for seamless guest arrivals.

What are the essential features of an Airbnb connected lock?

Undoubtedly, the Airbnb connected lock will allow you to greatly strengthen the security of your home. No need to wonder where you will leave your keys, which saves you some hassle. With a connected lock, you generate a unique and working code for a unique stay. You won't have the unpleasant surprise of seeing temporary tenants coming back, because they know the code.

To easily optimize your short-term rental activity, set your sights on a model benefiting from integration with the Airbnb platform. This makes it much easier for you to create accesses when a new reservation has just taken place.

If you employ staff to clean your property, no problem creating a one-time code. Other models have a similar functionality, but this time offering a remote control. Once again, this is a significant facility to avoid ending up with an incalculable number of keys.

From the mobile application of the connected lock or from the manufacturer's website, you can find the entry and exit history. If ever a dispute arises, you could bring all the necessary evidence in your favor.

Where can I leave the keys for an Airbnb reservation?

The popular solution is to hand the bunch of keys to a friend or neighbor. Of course, it is imperative to have a trusted person near the vacation rental. Otherwise, you depend on a cleaning staff, which implies that the tenant must arrive at a specific time. To avoid this annoyance, a padlocked box is another solution. However, its cost is not negligible and unfortunately it is not the most secure solution.

We strongly advise against leaving your keys in a flowerpot or under a rug. Indeed, anyone could grab the keychain and enter your home, without committing the slightest break-in. As a result, worries accumulate and this situation is not covered by your insurance company.

UpperKey's benefits for maximizing Airbnb rental profitability
Let seasonal rental specialists handle key collection and continuous availability, ensuring worry-free management.

Is there a key delivery exchange service?

When you rent your property on the Airbnb platform, you probably know that careful management is essential to obtain the better profitability. So you are available depending on reservations. A constraint that you could eliminate by choosing the UpperKey concierge. That is to say seasonal rental specialists, doing what is necessary to welcome travelers.

No more concerns for key collection, the Upperkey concierge takes care of everything. It is a significant facility with continuous availability. But the concierge service goes even further by fully managing your seasonal rental. Do not hesitate to take additional information in order to direct you in this direction, because the benefits are numerous.

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