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How to avoid bedbugs in your Airbnb rental?

When you book a vacation rental or seasonal Airbnb type accommodation, you may be faced with a major problem, namely bed bugs. Indeed, they are formidable insects, particularly difficult to dislodge.

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Why are bedbugs a real nuisance?

For some people, insects are fascinating. For example for dragonflies or butterflies, but some are literally unbearable and this is the case with bedbugs. Currently, the government is waging a real fight to exterminate the insect that can haunt your nights.

Please note that the insect is not considered dangerous for humans. Bedbugs feed on blood, on the same principle as mosquitoes. However, there is no risk of disease transmission. The main problem is the unpleasant side, because as soon as a sting occurs, you could trigger an allergic reaction. Another concern is that they are particularly difficult to dislodge due to laying around four to five eggs per day.

So, once the insect has settled in the Airbnb rental, you must react as quickly as possible, otherwise the accommodation will be completely infected. For your part, you certainly don't want to live in a vacation rental in the company of this insect.

Bed bug
The government is fighting bedbugs in Airbnb rentals to prevent allergic reactions and infestation.

Why are bedbugs often present in vacation rentals?

It is a discreet insect that naturally hides in textiles. It is sheltered and patiently waits for human prey in order to feed on blood. The insect is a real scourge in vacation rentals, this situation is explained by a high concentration of textiles and bedding. For the insect, it is a favorable breeding ground for its proliferation, whether in the bedroom, on the sofa or in the curtains. Every corner becomes a potential landmark.

The second reason is explained by the constant passage of vacationers. It is a very effective means of travel and subsistence to enable their survival. Finally, the last element concerns cleaning, which is unfortunately summary on the part of some owners. If the sheets are not changed regularly, and the vacuuming leaves something to be desired, the insects will continue to proliferate, out of sight. If for your part, you are an owner wishing to move towards seasonal rental, do not hesitate for a second to entrust the cleaning of your property to a specialized company or to a concierge service.

What is the correct methodology for spotting bedbugs in a vacation rental?

Because you are in the role of the traveler, take certain precautions before making your reservation. First, look at the background of the Airbnb property. When you don't have any information to alert you, you can book. But extra vigilance is required when you collect the keys. In fact, you carry out a careful inspection of the room by scrupulously examining the seams of the mattress.

Do exactly the same inspection on the foam and generally on the structure of the bed. Focus your attention on the curtain rods and of course on the sofa cushions. If you notice worrying signs, we are talking about at least a moderate infestation. However, it is possible that it is virulent and in this case bedbugs are also present in the furniture and certainly in the communication routes with other real estate when it comes to a co-ownership. Above all, take the lead by reporting the problem and refusing the rental.

Bed bug.
As a guest, check Airbnb rental confirmations and inspect the room before picking up the keys.

What precautions should be taken against bedbugs when renting a vacation?

You had the good instinct to carry out a preliminary inspection, but even if it turned up nothing, you should not let your guard down. This is why we recommend that you do not put your suitcases near the bedding or under the bed. Likewise, avoid storing them along walls. Otherwise, bedbugs risk lodging in your luggage.

As soon as you wake up, don't waste a second and examine your mattress. When there are bloodstains, this situation is explained by the fact that you crushed the insect. Report the problem immediately to the owner and to the booking platform you used.

Caution is required in rentals

Bed bugs are very common in seasonal rentals, but also in the hotel industry. As soon as you notice a worrying sign, call a company specializing in disinfection. Any property is likely to be affected, whether low-cost or high-end rentals. If there is no reaction on your part, be aware that the proliferation will be very rapid and therefore more complex to eliminate the parasites.

Airbnbs that are particularly popular with tourists require the greatest vigilance with thorough cleaning work. As an owner, you must take action immediately, even if you are not on site. In this case, entrust the work to an Airbnb concierge who can go directly to the property in question to carry out a careful examination. If the situation is not conclusive, a specialized company will be able to intervene.

Negligent landlords often encounter bed bug problems and this is a persistent concern, because if landlords are not on site, the spread can occur throughout the entire building. The Airbnb platform has no choice but to exclude the property from its catalog, because it is impossible to rent a property considered inappropriate. For the accommodation to be available again, the owner must submit a treatment certificate.

Stop bedbugs.
Bedbugs are common in rentals and hotels; react quickly to avoid their proliferation.

What is the best way to protect yourself against bedbugs?

As the owner of a vacation rental, you should not neglect the risk of bedbugs. When they are installed on the accommodation concerned, it is a real scourge and your property can no longer be rented. One solution is to make your property uninhabitable for bedbugs. Buy a mattress protector for every box spring and bed you have. Obviously, only invest in quality protection, that is to say completely airtight.

For housing maintenance, entrust this work to specifically trained personnel. With a deep cleaning, every corner of the accommodation is disinfected, particularly the bedding and mattresses. Finally, don’t forget to periodically replace your bedding. This is one way to limit the risk of infestation. However, you cannot necessarily carry out these different processes when you are not on site. Rest assured, the best solution is to entrust this work to an Airbnb concierge.

With your vigilance, you keep your home in the best conditions, that is to say, protected from bedbugs. Rather than suffer the problem, take immediate action using the solutions mentioned above.

Airbnb Property Management and Concierge Services


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