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Edinburgh Airbnb Concierge Services

If you are on the lookout for a new home or apartment to rent short-term in Edinburgh, then there are various factors to consider. When investing in Edinburgh short let apartments (short-term rental property), one of the most important things to consider is what your future tenants are going to be looking for. Along with the location of the property, the features, floor plan, and the layout, it’s worth considering whether or not there is a concierge service available to tenants who are renting your property in Edinburgh.

While a concierge service might not have been at the top of your priority list until now, there are lots of great reasons why choosing an apartment with a concierge to rent out on a short-term basis will put you at an advantage as a host. Good letting agents in Edinburgh can be hard to come by, which is why those with short term rentals Edinburgh should turn to UpperKey for assistance.

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The leading choice for short-term rentals.

What is a Concierge?

A concierge is somebody who works as a caretaker for a hotel or apartment building. It is a very varied role, and those who work in it rarely experience two days that are the same, say UpperKey. A concierge can fill a variety of roles within the building, serving as an assistant, caretaker, security, receptionist, customer helpdesk, and more. A concierge is often a necessary professional for a building to have in order for it to operate at the top level, as their skills are needed to cover a range of different roles and provide various functions within the development.

There are lots of benefits associated with having a concierge working on the front desk and entrance of the building, including enhanced customer convenience and satisfaction for your Edinburgh guests, higher levels of security, and more. A concierge role can be an ideal way for developers to make more money from a project and can also translate to higher profits for short-term rental hosts as guests may often be willing to pay more to rent somewhere that feels more luxurious and offers more convenience.

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Serviced Accommodation Management Edinburgh: What Does The Role Entail?

A traditional concierge role is often found in the top hotels. In a hotel setting, concierges are mainly responsible for tasks such as helping with heavy luggage, showing guests to rooms, and opening doors, says Upper Key. In a short-term rental apartment building, however, the role is often a little different with a more varied role to play. A good concierge service can be one of the best assets for an apartment building when it comes to ensuring the safety, security, and satisfaction of the tenants and residents within.

The role mainly involves ensuring that tenant needs are attended to and that the entire building is operating as securely and as efficiently as possible. In an apartment building, a concierge may be responsible for operating as a porter, arranging transport for tenants, assisting new tenants as they become familiar with the layout of the building, preventing unauthorised entry to the complex, and ensuring that maintenance work is carried out promptly in both the communal areas and the individual apartments.

How a Concierge Benefits Guests and Tenants

If you are looking to invest in an apartment in Edinburgh to use as a short-term rental prospect, then Upper Key advises landlords seek out apartment options with a concierge service. Not only will tenants often be willing to pay more for the convenience that comes with having a professional available for help and assistance at all times, but the concierge can also do a lot for your guests or tenants, taking off some of the pressures that you face as a short-term rental host.

Offloading pressures with a Concierge service
Encouraging turning to UpperKey as the experts in short-term rental investments.

In an apartment building that has a concierge service, tenants, residents, and guests can use this to their advantage in many ways. In many cases, the concierge is somebody who is an expert on the local area. They can be called upon for recommendations for anything from transport links to entertainment and dining, arrange transport, tickets, and restaurant bookings for your guests. A concierge who is very familiar with the Edinburgh area may also be able to help your guests have an even better experience, as they may be able to suggest things to see and do that are ‘hidden gems’.

What are the Main Benefits of a Concierge in an Edinburgh Apartment Building?

If you want to invest in an Edinburgh apartment for short-term renting, there are various benefits of choosing a building with a concierge service. These include:

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Better Security

Any short-term rental host wants to ensure that their guests are kept safe and secure while staying at the property. With a concierge in the building, you can be assured that there is a low risk of anybody getting through the front doors of the building if they are not authorised to do so. Even if the building has its own security in the form of security guards or CCTV cameras, the concierge is an additional set of eyes and somebody residents can report to if they see something that might be suspicious.

Improve Tenant Satisfaction

Whether tenants in the building are renting the apartment on a short-term or long-term basis, a concierge can help with improving their satisfaction in many ways. A concierge can offer a lot of services to the residents of the building, such as making reservations for taxis, providing directions, making restaurant bookings, or providing further information on the top tourist attractions and things to do in the Edinburgh area. Since many concierges are also experts on the local area, they can help tenants save time by providing the information that is needed, reducing the time spent on research.

Extraordinary service of concierges as building ambassadors
The value of a concierge's personal assistance to building residents.

24-Hour Availability

One of the main downfalls of running a short-term apartment let is that you cannot be there all the time to oversee it or deal with any issues that your tenants might have. When you invest in an Edinburgh apartment with a concierge service, you can expect somebody to be there to deal with any tenant issues around the clock. If anything goes wrong for your tenants during their stay during unsociable hours, the concierge can deal with the problem on your behalf.

Better Maintenance

A concierge is responsible for the maintenance of the apartment building, giving you peace of mind when it comes to cleanliness and first impressions. Good Airbnb cleaners Edinburgh are hard to come by. No matter how well you look after the apartment itself, the reception area and common areas of the building will often be the first places that short-term tenants see.

Edinburgh is a popular city for investors in short-term rental properties. If you are searching for an apartment to buy and use as a short-term let business opportunity in this Scottish city, then it’s worth looking to invest in an apartment building with a concierge service. For a trustworthy concierge, look no further than the Edinburgh letting company UpperKey for Airbnb property management Edinburgh.


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