UpperKey Shows How HR Managers Should Be Booking Accommodation for Business Travellers

The days of the typical business traveller being a middle-age male, hacking out deals in the daytime, and dining out, drinking shots, and singing karaoke until the early hours, are long gone (if they were ever all that true in the first place). The modern business traveller paints a very different picture, and their needs and expectations surpass those of any other model to precede them.

Business travel for the new generation

Welcome to the Millennial business traveller. Millennials now make up around half of the world’s workforce, and their views on work/life balance, employment and business, are very different from the widely perceived, old-fashioned views getting left behind. Where travel was once seen as a formal necessity (and often a nuisance to a worker’s home life), the latest generations see it as an exciting adventure and a must-have in broadening horizons. Expanding life’s experiences to the full is high on the agenda among today’s go-getters.

When looking for the types of experience to enhance their work trips, they’re not in the market for cramped hotel spaces and uninviting accommodation. They’re looking for luxury, a home-from-home with every creature comfort, and something to plaster all over their social media accounts.

Considerations for the business booking


Price is important when making a booking—primarily to your accounts managers and finance teams. However, your workers will be looking for something that reflects their value to the business. If squeezed into the smallest of spaces, they’re unlikely to feel valued and less likely to work to their highest capacity in return. Find them somewhere that inspires them, and inspired they’re more likely to be.


Location is paramount. If your work colleague’s appointments are in the heart of the city, then it’s no use setting them up an hour’s commute away. Why create a schedule that leaves them flustered or confused by a new city’s transport system, when they could arrive at meetings after a short walk, feeling refreshed, excited, and raring to go?


Different types of accommodation will appeal to different kinds of people. Many will thrive under a global hotel brand, providing them with anonymity to blend into the background. Others will prefer the personal touch of living like a local in a rented house or apartment.

Current trends show more business travellers than ever before are opting for local houses or serviced apartments. And why wouldn’t they? That’s entirely in line with the wants and needs of the Millennial worker.

UpperKey Shows How HR Managers Should Be Booking Accommodation for Business Travellers

Business services

Most major hotels provide excellent business facilities. They offer dedicated meeting and conference rooms, IT services, and technical equipment—in higher-end eventualities, even secretarial and printing services.

A private apartment will offer a much more personal feel to any business lunch or meeting, but perhaps not quite the same amount of space or equipment.

Concierge services

A hotel offers all of the traditional services you’d expect and need—room service, laundry, bookings for taxis, restaurants, and more.

Your workers will need access to local knowledge. If they can’t find it through online resources or from their international colleagues, many serviced apartment providers now provide a contact point for such eventualities.

Leisure amenities

One area where the chain hotel can regularly beat a personal property is with their leisure facilities. Finding an apartment with a pool and a gym will be much trickier than finding the same in a hotel. Spas, wellness centres, and time-out zones are all going to feature in your worker’s wants. However you choose to provide them, is up to you.

Serviced apartments for business travellers

The benefits of choosing a serviced apartment over a traditional hotel are all about creating a true home-from-home environment. Aiding the business traveller to operate at their full potential means achieving the right amount of sleep, rest and relaxation as they would in their typical daily routine. Accommodation more akin to what they're used to can provide all of this—even surpass it—adding a layer of energy to their focus throughout their visit.


We’re not going to argue that you won’t find the lowest prices by searching out hotel complexes with hundreds of high-value low-function rooms, but what do you get for that? Certainly not the type of stay you’d want for yourself.

Serviced apartments don’t have to cost as much as you think. Considering what you get for your money, they certainly offer a different type of value than a 4-walled box and a small hotel bar.


What you will get is far more room to breathe. You’ll have separate a bedroom (or bedrooms), as well as compartmentalized areas. If you’re sending a team of colleagues on a business trip, then an apartment could work out far more cost-effective than several hotel rooms.


Having a home as a base, as opposed to just a bedroom, offers the business traveller an option to take their meals as they normally would, instead of having to find a suitable restaurant each night. It makes it far easier to relax too. Having somewhere to bathe in typical creature comforts goes a long way to create the frame of mind your workers will need to perform at their best.


You’ll find that the standards of serviced accommodation are as high, if not superior, to those in hotels. However, in an apartment, you’ll have access to more informal facilities than you’d get from a hotel. There’s a fully equipped kitchen for starters; likely fitted with a dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and other welcome appliances. You’ll get a decent size TV, a DVD player, and personal WiFi that isn’t fighting with hundreds of other guests.


The privacy your serviced apartment brings will make travellers feel more like locals than tourists. Your employees won’t be fighting for a space in a busy dining room, nor will they have to find themselves propped up at a bar killing time until the next working day. The upgrade in lifestyle serviced accommodation provides is in keeping with what every modern working traveller wants from their stay, and not something akin to that of their past.

UpperKey is here to help

With the market leaning consistently towards serviced apartments, our agency is ideally positioned to provide your travelling workforce with each of their wants and needs. Give us a try; you’ll soon find that we’re experts at matching our guests with stunning accommodation. We have everything the modern business traveller needs for a perfect stay in almost all major European capitals and cities.