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Corporate Tenants – Compare Flats with Services & Hotel Living

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

The international business traveller is a different animal to what they once were. The new role of the corporate traveller, considered by many landlords the Holy Grail, is more in line with the open-minded, experience-seeking Millennial who has certain expectations. As first time buyers they are more suited to finding a long term home-away-from-home, as opposed to a more traditional luxury drop-in that's little more than somewhere to sleep.

Properties with Services: Pros

1. More space

An apartment bought with real estate agents will offer up to half as much space again over what a traveller would typically get from a hotel room. If a few people are sharing, whether it’s family or a handful of colleagues, there’s always somewhere to go to avoid getting under each other’s feet.

There’s also a real sofa and a proper-size TV.

2. A real kitchen

Creating a schedule that's more in line with how you'd operate at home, gives our business travellers and single professionals room to relax. One of the biggest contributors is being able to make the meals they usually would and when they would. Restaurant dining may be a lovely luxury, but when you're trying to retain a sense of normality, a kitchen and fridge full of your own creature comforts are invaluable.

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3. More freedom

Living in a renting apartment means you don't have to be in and out at certain times. There are no such things as a mealtime schedule or services and sittings. There's no need to book a conference suite, just clear the dining room table and put on a fresh pot coffee.

4. More privacy and security

In an apartment, there's far less chance of being disturbed by noisy guests, cleaners or other service staff. And as the only people with access to properties with services, everything you take with you is so much safer too. If you need a break from your colleagues or family, there are enough room for that too.

5. A real home-from-home

This is the real bonus of staying in properties with services. Your temporary ‘life-on-the-road’ lifestyle can be moulded into as near to the one you have at home as possible. You have the freedom to eat, relax, and sleep, as you want, in an environment that feels like you’re much more than a temporary fixture.

6. Cost-effective

There’s a good chance you’ll always be able to find a great deal on a hotel, but for many travellers, renting an apartment can be far more affordable.

If you’re travelling as part of a group, several hotel rooms will add up to quite significant costs. The added extras of dining out, meal surcharges, and the dreaded mini-bar, will all bump up your total bill. So much of those additional costs can be contained by apartment living.

7. A unique personality

For many travellers, the typically anonymity of a hotel room and its lifestyle is just what they need during a short-term stay. For anything a little longer, it can start to feel claustrophobic and soulless.

Every corporate lettings accomodation has its own personality made by many landlords, fittings and furnishings. It doesn’t take long for an apartment to feel like new home and much less like a temporary measure while your usual life is put on hold.

A hotel-style quality of room service
Hotel-style living is the ideal stay of clients especially when they are on vacation.

Staying in a hotel: Pros

1. Always clean and tidy

I can remember my first handful of hotel visits—a mix of business and pleasure trips, and my favourite part of both was watching my tip of a room be restored to its pristine state by the magic tidying and cleaning fairies.

It may seem insignificant, but it's a huge relief not to have to make any effort to get life back on track after each hectic day.

2. Easy meals without any preparation or cleanup

I don’t usually eat breakfast, but when I stay in a hotel, I need a 3-hour nap to get over the indulgence of the magical affair.

The selection of meals available from your hotel restaurant is excellent, as is the quality of the food and its preparation.

3. An army of helpers ready to serve

At the reception desk, at the end of a phone, or secretly performing behind the scenes, it’s almost always somebody else’s job to take care of your every whim and want—there’s a member of the hotel staff to provide you with whatever you want.

4. Complete anonymity

As much as a hotel stay can be considered a faceless and soulless experience, that’s often just what so many of us need from a short visit.

If you’re only in town for a day or two, it’s a great chance to treat it as a mini-break in between work commitments.

5. Unrivalled leisure facilities

It’s quite unlikely your apartment will have a complete working gym, a CCTV security, a security video entry system, secure parking space, prime areas, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a spa, a masseur, a personal trainer, a trained chef, a laundry, maybe even a tennis court and a golf course… shall I go on?

6. Central locations

The major highest quality chains are sure to have a hotel right at the heart of the action. Everything is accessible and without the fuss. Whatever you choose to do and however you’d like to spend your time in between conferences or functions, it’s all on your doorstep.

7. Your work trip like a holiday

Enjoying the luxuries a hotel brings with all the information and what they can offer—the lack of responsibility and effort your stay requires—and the teams behind the scenes making sure everything is taken care of for you, can leave you feeling basked in luxury. Does that sound like work to you?

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Summing up

Whether it's an apartment with services or hotel room, we can help you find a beautiful apartment in many of the European capitals or major cities. Why not give it a try? You might be missing out on everything you've ever wanted. Only You can decide what you want, and how you want it packaged.


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