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South Queensferry Property Management

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

The quiet lifestyle in South Queensferry
Escape to the quiet charm of South Queensferry, an ideal location for property buy-to-let.

A Brief Look at the Benefits of House Lettings in South Queensferry

Known throughout the UK as a quaint and lovely town to the West of Edinburgh, there is something quite alluring about life in this small town that lies within the metro area. Although it’s but a 20-minute drive to the city centre, it is small enough to offer a quiet lifestyle that is attractive to retirees, business professionals and families looking to escape life in major metropolitan areas.

There is much to offer which is why so many property buy to let investors are grabbing up homes in this historic part of the country. Whether you are a current homeowner looking at letting your home for a residual income or are considering investing in homes to be let and managed for you by South Queensferry property management, here are some important things to consider about the benefits of house lettings in South Queensferry.

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A Perfect Juxtaposition of the Old and the New

The name itself has a great deal of allure because Queensferry, literally meaning the “passage of a queen” is a dedication to Margaret, Queen of Malcolm Canmore. It is a place that held a special place in her heart. She was known as a “great patroness” of the area and would often visit the passage of the estuary that now is famed for its bridges that attract scores of visitors from around the world. With the juxtaposition of the marvels of modern engineering in the famed bridges of South Queensferry, and buildings that date back over a millennium, it’s the perfect place to contemplate what the centuries have taught us.

An Extremely Low Rate of Crime

Another of the major attractions to the area is that it has such a low rate of crime, being located so close to the city centre of a major metropolitan area. In December of 2022, only one ‘crime’ was reported according to UK Crime Statistics and that fell within the category of criminal damage and arson. You can imagine how life in a city the size of Edinburgh would have a much higher crime rate which is why so many business professionals and recent retirees are seeking homes near enough to the major venues of a city but distant enough for the quiet enjoyment they seek in a dwelling.

Property management companies South Queensferry find that families also seek a suitable lifestyle conducive to raising children in relative safety not often found in larger cities. With the population being just over 10,000, having just one crime reported in the month leading up to the holidays is an amazing feat in and of itself. Where can people actually find lettings that offer that amount of safety in the 21st century?

Much to See and Do for Visitors and Residents Alike

Here at UpperKey we realise how important it is to have lettings in areas where there is much to see and do besides the everyday life of home, work and school. Our property management South Queensferry services find that letting properties in an area with a great number of amazing restaurants and shops that line the waterways with fantastic views of the four famed bridges makes it easy to find suitable renters who are looking to do business in an area sure to attract travellers seeking a bit of history and scenic enjoyment.

Let your property shine in South Queensferry's vibrant and scenic neighborhood
Find suitable renters with UpperKey's property management services in South Queensferry.

There is also the attraction of the castle made world-famous in the Outlander series and this, alone, attracts visitors, especially during the warmer summer months. In fact, there is even an Outlander tour for tourists to take and that has been gaining in popularity over the past few years. This has led to an influx of prospective shop and business owners seeking lettings in a town in which they plan to cater to the tourist industry. However, it is also vital to explain that not all property management companies are created equal. That is why our South Queensferry property management and protection services ensure your property is well cared for and overseen by a team of seasoned professionals.

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An Outward Trend Once Again

If there is one thing that we have noticed in recent years, it is the fact that a greater number of people are seeking life outside major metropolitan areas for a few key reasons. The first thing that comes to mind is the recent pandemic that is still out there although quietly infecting host after host with much less publicity than in the previous couple of years. This has led to a migration out and away from larger cities where it is virtually impossible to stay safe distancing from people around you. In fact, there often is no safe distancing in a city that is home to hundreds of thousands of residents.

Also, there is still the stagnant air quality resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels which aren’t as heavy in outlying areas. Properties in quaint, historic towns like South Queensferry can fetch a higher price than those in major metropolitan areas, often for this reason alone. Rather than being packed together like living in a tin can, families and business professionals seek a bit of space separating them, to some degree, from the threat of contagions. Even so, Covid-19 and carbon fumes notwithstanding, the hustle and bustle of big cities is anything but enjoyable when it’s peaceful coexistence you desire.

Managed Property Lettings with Guaranteed Income

There is one other benefit within managed property lettings in South Queensferry. UpperKey actually becomes your tenant at an annual rate agreed between the homeowner and the property management team. There is no fear of not being paid the agreed rent and no fear of taking necessary steps to have unpaid tenants removed.

We take all of that into our hands to ensure you get the price you agree for your home. It becomes our duty to see to it that it is let to qualified tenants and that it is well cared for in the process. Whether it’s residual income you are seeking or an investment in your own future, you can safely leave your home in our care. We are, after all, UpperKey with high end lettings throughout all of Europe and this is our expertise and pledge to you.


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