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Property Management Paris 7th arrondissement - Airbnb Concierge Paris 7th

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Unlock the best profitability in the 7th arrondissement
Professional rental management is key, with expertise in the Paris market for optimal results.

Get the best possible profitability with rental management in the 7th arrondissement of Paris

Rental management in the 7th arrondissement of Paris cannot be improvised if you want to obtain the best possible profitability. On the contrary, you need the help of a professional with all the specific knowledge in the rental field, but also a perfect knowledge of the Parisian market. You could also put an apartment on Airbnb, but once again, there are specific rules to respect. If you are not careful, the profitability will not be there.

What are the must-see neighborhoods in the seventh arrondissement of Paris?

Renting your apartment in the 7th arrondissement is an interesting possibility, as it is a historic and lively neighborhood. Moreover, it incorporates many emblematic sites starting with the Eiffel Tower. It is the symbol of the city of Paris, but also of France. The Invalides is another site not to be missed and it is today a military complex that has been transformed into a museum of the army. It is also on this site that the remains of Napoleon Bonaparte rest.

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The Champ de Mars is a Parisian esplanade just in front of the Eiffel Tower allowing you to walk and relax. If you like culture, you can't miss the Musée d'Orsay. You will discover a vast collection of impressionist painters. The Rodin museum is also located in the seventh arrondissement of Paris, more precisely in an 18th century hotel.

To soak up the Parisian atmosphere, the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district will allow you to discover luxury boutiques, historic cafés and picturesque streets. Don't forget to stop by the Jardin des Tuileries, a beautiful park with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower and numerous sculptures and fountains.

As you can see, the neighborhoods are unmissable and so renting your apartment in the seventh arrondissement will not be a problem to find a tenant. However, don't forget to choose it sparingly if you are managing your investment alone.

Why should you choose a rental management company in the seventh arrondissement of Paris?

Rental management in the 7th arrondissement can perfectly be entrusted to a specialized agency. This is a wise choice on your part to avoid financial worries and annoyances. At first, find out about the service available, because you will discover a flexible offer.

But to rent your apartment in the 7th arrondissement with peace of mind, trust an expert who knows the real estate market perfectly. This is a local expertise that allows you to take into consideration the current trends, the average rent, but also the local regulations. As you know, rent control in the 7th arrondissement of Paris is a reality, as it is in other French cities. As a result, you cannot set the rent at random, but you must respect a set of criteria.

A rental management company is also very useful to manage your property completely. All aspects will be taken into account, starting with the search for a tenant, the verification of his file, the collection of rents and the settlement of disputes. This is a very valuable situation, because you may have a busy schedule and you may not live in the seventh arrondissement of Paris. So if you don't live near the apartment, this is another reason to trust a specialized agency.

Hassle-free rental management with a specialized agency, considering local expertise and regulations
Entrust your property to a specialized agency for financial peace and flexible services.

The advantages of rental management

The rental management in the seventh district is translated at first by an appreciable saving of time. Indeed, you no longer have to deal with the various imperatives of renting. However, it is a necessity if you manage your investment, because you must set up a contract with the tenant, you take the time to study his file and you manage all the possible interactions.

But by choosing the rental management, you receive a professional expertise that will be appreciated for the resolution of all the problems and imperatives with tenant. Moreover, you have the certainty of renting with a competitive rate, while respecting the framework of the rents.

To avoid financial difficulties, don't forget to subscribe to an unpaid rent insurance. This way, if the tenant refuses to pay the rent, you have no financial impact because the insurance takes over. This risk reduction is a necessity and it is also an additional security that will allow you to maximize your income.

Why is there rent control in the seventh arrondissement of Paris?

The reference rent in the 7th arrondissement of Paris is an element to take into consideration when renting a property. Currently, the average price is €37 per square meter in this district. However, the purpose of the rent ceiling in the 7th arrondissement is to limit price increases and control the rental market.

It is by no means a fixed price per square meter, as everything depends on the location of the property, its surface area, its age and the presence of additional services. As a landlord, ignoring this regulation will be detrimental to you if the tenant is aware of it. To avoid these administrative constraints, you are once again right to choose rental management.

Is it wise to put your apartment on Airbnb ?

Putting your apartment on Airbnb remains an interesting option when you are looking to make a profit from your property. You will quickly generate additional income after your registration on Airbnb. Thanks to the attractiveness of the district, it will be easy for you to find tenants.

It is also a flexible solution, because you define yourself when you rent your apartment. To identify a reliable tenant, rely on the platform's rating system. But be careful, it's not just a matter of creating your Airbnb owner space, there are other constraints to consider. In particular, the optimization of your ad, the management of the schedule, the tenants and the maintenance of the property. If you don't have the time to take care of these elements, the Airbnb concierge service in Paris 7th district remains the best option.

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Overview of Airbnb concierge services

An Airbnb concierge in Paris 7th arrondissement takes care of everything, so you don't have to manage anything on the platform. That is to say, Airbnb 7th arrondissement management focuses on reservations by taking all the prior information with the potential customers. But also by organizing the terms of payment, the reception of the customers and their departure.

The same rigor is required for the management of cleaning and overall maintenance. The same applies to the management of comments and the optimization of your income thanks to sound advice. But an airbnb concierge service in the 7th arrondissement goes even further by offering 24/7 customer support. The primary idea is to offer support when a problem arises.

Leave all platform-related tasks to the experts, from reservations to customer support
Leave all platform-related tasks to the experts, from reservations to customer support.

When UpperKey becomes your go-to partner for Airbnb rentals

Lost in rental management, Airbnb commission rates and rent control regulations? Don't panic, real estate investment is a safe bet, as long as you work with a specialist in the field. You will find your happiness by approaching UpperKey, an agency specialized in rentals in Paris.


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