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Gorgie Dalry Property Management

Promising investment opportunities for property investors in Gorgie and Dalry, West of Edinburgh
Explore the appealing features that make Gorgie and Dalry a top destination for buy-to-let flats.

Gorgie Dalry: The Perfect Edinburgh Community for Buy to Let Flats

If ever there was a reason to look for the ideal Edinburgh community for investing in buy to let flats, it would be Gorgie and Dalry. While Gorgie and Dalry is densely populated, that makes it all the better to snatch up flats to let. Typically, when there is a region that is as densely populated as Gorgie and Dalry, flats will be difficult to locate and thus can ask higher rents. After all, the housing market is largely based on supply and demand, isn’t it? So, it stands to reason that if the demand is great and the supply is more limited, the asking price can be higher. With that said, there are other amazing features in this area in the West of Edinburgh to recommend it to property investors. Here’s what we’ve found.

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Known as a Community with a Heart

Perhaps it would take a football fan to understand the implications of this, but not to a Scotsman! Hearts are lovingly how the Heart of Midlothian F.C. are referred to and as a club in the Scottish Premiership and Scottish Cup leagues, they have a huge fan base and, of course, lots and lots of heart (pun intended).

Whether investing in long, or short-term lettings, a community that is home to a football club is bound to attract fans who want to attend as many home games as humanly possible. What we know of Gorgie & Dalry property management is that lettings can be filled immediately, if not before the previous tenants have moved on. It takes a great deal of commitment on the part of the property management team because it’s speed between tenancies that is required to get flats prepared for the next occupants.

They can be filled just that quickly!

Shorter Letting Attractions: A Foodie’s Paradise

Then there is the fact that Gorgie Road is home to an amazing number of smallish markets with international flavours. Here, residents can find offerings from African, Arabic, Chinese, Indian and Polish cuisines, to name but a few, in the grocery shops that line the road. Then, if they’ve a mind for dessert after an afternoon Hearts game, there are dessert shops galore. Property management companies Gorgie & Dalry locations are always asked what there is to see and do and, of course, shopping and pubs are high on the list!

Easy Access to Just About Anything in 20 Minutes

Listed on the City of Edinburgh’s website as a “20 Minute Neighbourhood,” Gorgie & Dalry is a place where you can find just about anything you need within a 20-minute walk. For residents new and unfamiliar to the area, this is a real plus. Property management Gorgie & Dalry agents are commonly queried if there is easy access to anything they might need in the course of a day such as groceries, pharmacies and perhaps a pub for a cold one on a warm summer day. When it comes to this neighbourhood in the West of Edinburgh city, the answer is easy. It’s but a 20-minute walk and you’ll find everything you need and so much more.

A Bit of History in the Mix

Also, as with any neighbourhood being considered for residency, local history is important because it speaks volumes as to the culture and general atmosphere within the local population. Gorgie & Dalry is proud of the WWI memorial located within the Tynecastle Stadium, home to those beloved Hearts. There are tours available to view part of the history of their beloved football club and why they are so beloved, other than for the sport alone.

Back in 1914, Heart of Midlothian players signed up to fight for the cause and soon to follow were more than 500 of their loyal fans. It is said that they “traded their football boots” in for the First World War army boots and so joined the 16th Royal Scots, known as Macrae’s Battalion. It is duly noted that players and supporters from other towns and teams followed suit coming from Raith Rovers, Hibernian and Falkirk. Sadly, although they fought in many of the battles, seven players from the Hearts F.C. of Gorgie & Dalry died in the July 1916 Battle of the Somme. These as other stories from the history of the club can be found at the Hearts Memorial Garden within the stadium.

Explore the WWI memorial and heartfelt stories of Hearts F.C. in Gorgie & Dalry.
Immerse yourself in the local history and atmosphere of Gorgie & Dalry, a truly special community.

The Bottom Line in Gorgie and Dalry Buy to Let Properties

The reason history can be so important to anyone seeking a place to rent is, as noted above, because local history tells the story of the heart and soul of a neighbourhood. When it comes to seeking ‘safe shelter,’ there is nothing quite like knowing that a city, town or even a smaller neighbourhood within is a community with a history and a connection that is not soon forgotten. They tend to take care of their communities in more ways than one. This is why we, at UpperKey, find that Gorgie & Dalry property management and protection is an important aspect of what potential tenants are seeking. They want to know that their neighbourhood is safe and there is nothing like a bonded community to assure them that they will be part of that tight-knit community.

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Another thing that inspires interest in lettings such as those in Gorgie & Dalry is having a property management team on call at any time for any reason that might pop up, requiring attention. When it comes to buy to let properties, UpperKey is happy to be your tenant. We take the worry of finding tenants and collecting rents from you. We become your tenants, giving you that measure of trust you so deserve.

The neighbourhood is prime for both short and long-term lettings and we know how and where to find them with our on-staff marketing team. Let us take the worry from you so that you can go about your business of buying up other properties in this amazingly lucrative field. While you seek new investments, we care for the ones you’ve closed on and that gives you exactly what you need to build the portfolio of your dreams.


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