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Maximise your rental income!

Maximize Your Rental Profits: Expert Property Management in Corstorphine

Updated: Jun 6

The tranquility and appeal of the area
The suburb of Corstorphine offers a quieter way of life just four miles away from the bustling center of Edinburgh.

Corstorphine Landlords: What Property Management Can Do for You

If you travel just four miles away from the busy centre of Edinburgh, you’ll come across the suburb of Corstorphine, which offers a relatively quiet way of life. Corstorphine has brilliant transport links into the city but there’s also high traffic from people flooding into the centre of Edinburgh, which can be a hindrance for landlords attempting to manage their property. With this in mind, it may be beneficial to rent it out to a property management company.

Reasons to Let in Corstorphine

Corstorphine has plenty of appeal for both long and short-term residents. For example, the Edinburgh Zoo is here, which brings in waves of tourists every year. As well as this, there’s the beautiful Corstorphine Hill, which offers beautiful views of Edinburgh. Moreover, budding historians will enjoy visiting Corstorphine Dovecote, which was once part of the castle.

Corstorphine suburb has a population of around 24,880, which makes it fairly small when compared to the total population of Edinburgh (554,000). According to ESPC, the average price of houses in Corstorphine is £306,013, which is in line with the rest of Edinburgh. When it comes to renting, costs fall anywhere between £450 and £3.3k PCM.

The way of life in Corstorphine is relatively quiet and safe, with the UK Crime Statistics showing zero reported crimes in the area for December 2022. Alongside this, Corstorphine Primary School and Craigmount High School are popular schools nearby, which makes this destination popular for families.

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Which Type of Letting?

Short-term letting is perfect for the landlord that enjoys flexibility, but it comes with a series of challenges including low rent periods, navigating new regulations, and having to be available to meet new guests. That being said, there are many attractive qualities to short-term letting; for example, you are not locked into lengthy notice periods, you have clearly defined check-in and check-out dates, you can charge higher rent, and tenants are less likely to decorate or change fixtures.

Long-term lets last more than six months and have many obvious benefits. For example, you’ll receive regular rental payments, have fewer bills to pay, and you’ll build a stronger relationship with tenants. However, it can open the door to more issues because you need to provide 84 days’ notice for an eviction, which leaves disgruntled tenants plenty of opportunities to damage your property.

How Property Management Companies Corstorphine Will Benefit You

Taking on property host responsibilities in Corstorphine can be overwhelming because you’ll have to communicate with tenants, maintain the properties, remain compliant, write contracts, market your property, and the list goes on. When you weigh up all of the responsibilities, it can make the role of landlord sound a little less worthwhile, especially if you’re not maximising bookings or charging optimal rent. Thankfully, UpperKey takes all of those responsibilities away while boosting your income.

Representing stress-free property hosting with UpperKey in Corstorphine
Let UpperKey handle all the responsibilities of being a landlord in Corstorphine, from communication with tenants to property maintenance, compliance, contracts, and marketing, while ensuring optimal bookings and income for you.

Navigating Edinburgh Short-Let Rules

Unless your Corstorphine property has been let out for more than ten years, new Scottish short-let regulations require landlords to apply for planning permission. The process isn’t too difficult, and once an application is approved it can be used by future property owners. If you want peace of mind by leaving it to industry experts, you can trust UpperKey.

Increase Rental Value

Your property value is tied to quality and shifts in the general market, which can be difficult to navigate without expertise and experience. If you choose to use UpperKey for property management Corstorphine, they’ll use their vast industry knowledge to improve your property and offer you the maximum rent possible. Achieving this may involve updating fixtures, applying a fresh paint coat, or upgrading the carpets.

Guarantee Your Rent

Being a landlord can be fulfilling and pay well, but what happens during low seasons when your property is sat empty? Unfortunately, bills and the need for regular maintenance don’t freeze, which leaves you out-of-pocket. Fortunately, Corstorphine property management service UpperKey can guarantee your income by becoming your primary tenant. In this arrangement, you receive a fair rental fee for up to three years and every aspect of property management is taken care of.

Provide Guests with Greater Service

If you let your property on a short-term basis, like through Airbnb, you likely don’t have the manpower to provide hotel-like services. However, if you leave your property in UpperKey’s capable hands, your guests will receive a high-quality concierge service that will help you stand out over competing properties.

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Leave Regulations to the Professionals

Renting property in Corstorphine, whether it’s short or long-term, requires landlords to follow a set of strict regulations. These can be time-consuming and costly, especially if mandatory checks return reports full of work to be carried out. You can avoid the stress of making your property regulation compliant by allowing UpperKey to become your primary tenant - they take care of all Corstorphine property management and protection services for your property.

Escape Face-To-Face Tenant Contact

As a landlord, you need to communicate with people from all walks of life and build positive rapport with all tenants. However, not all landlords are successful with this, and it leads to unnecessary friction. Luckily, if you utilise the talents of a property management service, you can enjoy regular rent and won’t have to talk to any of your tenants.

Ensuring your property is in safe hands
Trustworthy tenant vetting with UpperKey.

Host the Best Clients

As a landlord, you want to know that your property will be respected and taken care of, which means vetting clients before signing on the dotted line. However, it can be difficult to gauge a prospective tenant’s intentions and personality off a couple of short interactions. Whereas, if you leave tenant sourcing to UpperKey, you’ll benefit from their international connections of 100% vetted clients.

Corstorphine is an appealing suburb of Edinburgh with the potential to be highly lucrative for landlords. However, it presents a series of challenges including contending with tourist traffic and following Scottish letting regulations. Therefore, to safeguard your revenue stream and make the most out of your property, you should leave it in the safe hands of an expert property management service.


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