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Maximise your rental income!

Investing in Real Estate and its Profitability

To gradually build up savings and generate additional income, real estate remains a top choice. However, do not go headlong into the adventure, because precautions are necessary in order to optimize the profitability of your investment.

Is it profitable to invest in rental property?

Many people choose rental property to build capital. No need to have the cash available for the acquisition of a property, you finance it through the mortgage. The monthly loan payments will be fully or partially offset by the tenant's rent.

Once your loan is repaid, these are direct benefits. Therefore, rental real estate remains particularly attractive, provided you manage your property correctly and choose a preferred location.

Where is it most profitable to buy an apartment?

Theoretically, you could buy a property in any French city. But to clear the better profitability, we advise you to favor large cities such as Marseille, Lille , Lyon or even Paris. In these areas, rental demand remains particularly strong and therefore you will have no difficulty in renting your property, considerably reducing rental vacancy. But before you get started, focus only on the most in-demand neighborhoods.

New apartment
For optimal profitability, favor large French cities and their popular districts.

What is the best rental income?

Several factors should be considered to determine the best rental income. For example, is it a villa, a house, a studio or a large apartment? Once again, the location remains decisive and as you can imagine, the price of rent for a studio in the 16th arrondissement will necessarily be more expensive than a studio in the middle of the French countryside. The other factor, all too often overlooked, is property management. However, it remains decisive for maximizing your profitability.

What pays off the most in real estate?

A preliminary study remains an essential condition before acquiring a property. For your part, your objective is certainly to optimize profitability. To this end, we invite you to find out about the tourist areas near your home, the town centers of large conurbations or areas under development. Moreover, you do not have to invest near you, you could go through a manager specialized in the field who will help you invest at the other end of France.

How to invest in real estate without breaking the bank?

For many people, it is often complex to finance the acquisition of real estate in cash. So you are looking for advantageous financing, starting by getting closer to your bank. This is not the only solution and we recommend that you carry out a comparative study and, if necessary, contact a real estate broker.

His mission will be to assist you in finding the banking establishment capable of supporting you in your project with the best advantages. No need to embark on a large project, you could start with a modest property and why not forge investment partnerships with more knowledgeable people who will make you benefit from their experience.

How to have 10% profitability?

Achieving 10% profitability may seem impossible to you. However, this is a reality, provided you take the time necessary to study the existing offers on the market. The best solution is to steer towards undervalued properties. The acquisition price will necessarily be lower and on your side you carry out a specific development with why not renovation works.

Thanks to your investment, you rent more expensively and when you resell, you realize a capital gain. But to achieve 10% profitability, it is also essential to optimize rental management.

Rental income
To achieve 10% profitability, study the market and target undervalued properties for renovation.

What type of rental pays off the most?

Traditional renting is about finding a tenant that you keep for as long as possible. An interesting solution, but it does not offer you the best profitability. For this, favor short-term rentals. In this regard, it is impossible not to mention the Airbnb platform. It is essential in France and globally internationally. If many people choose this solution, it is to enjoy higher profitability. On the other hand, management requires more time and more investment.

Why rent your accommodation on Airbnb?

Renting on Airbnb gives you real flexibility. You define the rental dates and of course the price of the night. For a second home, it is a way to generate comfortable income, while retaining the possibility of using your home when you wish.

Compared to traditional rental, you generate higher income. But once again, the location remains an essential criterion, because temporary tenants want to take advantage of all the amenities nearby.

How do you know if an Airbnb will work?

As with any real estate investment, you carry out a preliminary study of the local market. You compare the rates of similar properties and above all you take the time to read customer reviews. By carrying out this approach, you get a better assessment of the potential of an Airbnb.

However, do not forget to include seasonality in your analysis. Take the example of the Cannes Film Festival, generating very strong demand during the festivities or important events such as the Olympic Games in Paris 2024. As a result, rental prices skyrocket.

Who are Airbnb hosts?

Not all Airbnb hosts are professionals. Moreover, the majority are individuals wishing to generate additional income by making part of their accommodation available for short periods, a second home or an investment made recently.

The majority of Airbnb hosts are individuals seeking additional income through their homes.

How to get on Airbnb?

The first step is to create an account on the platform. A completely free process by following the ergonomic interface. You fill in the information in relation to your profile and you send all the supporting documents.

Then you register the property that you wish to rent out, making sure that it complies with the requirements of the American giant. Be precise in the description and do not forget to attach qualitative photos. Finally, you define the availabilities and the pricing of the night.

Does it pay to advertise on Airbnb?

Registration on the platform is completely free, which is also the case for adding your ad. However, Airbnb takes a commission from each booking. So, if you have no tenants, you pay absolutely nothing.

How do I know if an Airbnb is legal?

Above all, be aware of the local regulations. Nothing could be simpler by getting closer to the municipality of the city in which the potential rental takes place. For large cities like Paris, a registration number will be provided by the town hall. For condominium accommodation, prior authorization from the trustee is required.

Can I rent a room in my house?

You are perfectly within your rights to rent a room in your main residence. Nevertheless, think carefully about the general layout so as not to suffer any disturbance, while promoting the comfort of your temporary tenant.

Can I sublet my apartment?

Theoretically, this approach is still possible, provided you do not go against local regulations. Without forgetting any specificities of your main rental contract. So, without the agreement of the owner, it is impossible to put your accommodation on Airbnb.

How to rent out your house?

As explained above, you create your account on Airbnb. You write an ad insisting on a detailed description. But before you get to that, don't forget to properly prepare the accommodation so that it meets the platform's criteria. Do a comparative study to estimate the amount of rent.

Then you manage your property yourself or you decide to delegate to a agency specializing in the field. The second solution remains very advantageous, because you receive a personalized support and you optimize your rental.


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