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Airbnb : Statistics You Should Know

In itself, Airbnb is a recent company considered a UFO among startups. But today, it is an unavoidable and iconic platform with a huge success. An advantage for travelers as well as for hosts.

Thus, no less than 750 million travelers have used Airbnb with benefits for more than 3 million hosts.

But there are other very interesting statistics about the company that you will discover throughout this article.

An octopus on an international scale

The Airbnb statistic to remember is perhaps its market valuation at €14 billion in 2020. But there are other Airbnb statistics to consider such as the fact that a host earns on average €761 per month. Regarding the average length of stay on the platform, it has increased by 74% over the year 2020.

With the coronavirus crisis, many people decided to join Airbnb and these people were able to generate €1 billion in revenue.

During the pandemic, a lot of new users joined the Airbnb platform.

According to the platform's statistics for April 2021, the average occupancy rate was 45.5%.

But it is in the United States that the success remains strongest with almost €15,000 per year generated by each guest.

Understanding the growth of the platform

Airbnb statistics by city are edifying, especially in the capital cities. These are particularly popular places, whether on the old continent, in Asia or in America. Currently, Airbnb remains the undisputed and unquestionable platform on the accommodation market. In fact, it is one of the most valuable start-ups in the world.

Nearly one in four hosting services are provided by the American giant and in 2019, more than 45 million users were registered. Around the world, thousands of listings are available and no matter where you are going, you will find what you are looking for.

There are more than 100,000 cities listed across 220 countries, so it would be surprising to go to a destination where you don't find an accommodation that meets your needs.

Airbnb statistics in Paris

An official Paris Airbnb statistic was released on December 20, 2019 and this information lets you know that more than 65,000 apartments were offered for rent in the capital, including 52,000 entire homes.

However, these are declining numbers, not because of the decline of the platform, but because of the regulations in Paris. Legislation has become stricter regarding rentals, limiting the rental of one's main residence to 120 days each year. In addition, it is now imperative to make a prior declaration to the town hall. If this is not done, you do not have the authorization and therefore the platform blocks your accommodation.

To go beyond the limit of 120 days per year, it is imperative that the property has a commercial lease or a specific exemption under the Elan law.

The value of the Airbnb business

In recent years, the turnover of the American giant has experienced a sharp decline due to the coronavirus crisis. In such a health context, travelers could no longer move around and the increase in confinements and curfews deeply hurt the company's profit.

The coronavirus pandemic deeply impacted travel, thus impacting demand for Airbnb rentals.

However, with the health improvements, Airbnb has simply achieved a better revenue on the third quarter of 2021 in comparison with its entire existence. As a result, it is more than $2 billion that could be generated and it is a growth obviously beyond expectations.

This is an increase of 36% compared to the previous quarter. The rebound in travel has been particularly beneficial for the platform, which has recorded a very large number of reservations.

The group also saw its profit increase fourfold to $834 million. Again, this is a record figure in a single quarter, which allows the group to generate more than a billion and a half in profits over the year 2020.

Given such figures, it is not surprising that the company's value now exceeds 28 billion euros.

Particularly encouraging statistics

To say the least, the vacation rental market experienced a deep decline with the coronavirus crisis. But with the reduction of the restrictions, this market is again on the rise with a growth of about 3.4% each year until 2027. It is mainly young people who use the platform, i.e. millennials.

According to estimates, they will represent three quarters of consumers and travelers by 2025.

How much does a host earn on average on the platform?

According to Airbnb statistics for hosts, they earn an average of €761 per month. Nevertheless, there are very large disparities depending on the type of property, the services and of course its location. But Airbnb statistics show that it is in the United States that the average income is the highest for hosts. An average of €15,000 has been recorded and it is especially in California that the income is the highest with an average of €27,000 of turnover.

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What is the average length of an Airbnb stay?

The statistics regarding the average length of Airbnb stays are clearly increasing between 2019 and 2020. An increase of about 74%, but it was in the United Kingdom that the observation was most obvious with an increase of 154%. In France, the average duration of Airbnb stays increased by 49%, compared to 38% in Spain and 51% in Italy.

In view of the recent information, it would be detrimental not to use the platform if you have a property to put up for seasonal rental.