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Maximise your rental income!

Premium Online Real Estate for Advertising an Apartment Explained by UpperKey

What are the best websites to advertise online for renting my apartment ?

It depends on the level of the property you want to rent, and many other considerations. One thing is for sure, though: you'll never run out of options. There are an almost infinite number of websites to advertise a property you're looking to rent, from the cheapest options to the high-end luxury rentals you can find.

How to choose a website to rent your property

The best option for you depends on the property in question and what you are looking to achieve.

- Is your property a simple rental investment?

- Do you want to earn additional income from a second home?

- Do you have a house or apartment that is not up to its potential?

The top 50 online registration websites feature many well-known names that one would expect to see. They also offer a lot of information that you've probably never heard of. All of these websites are used to advertise vacation rental properties.

The most popular sites are not always the best for what you need. The number one site (according to the Alexa ranking, June 2019) for short-term vacation rentals was Airbnb was on the alert. There are no big surprises.

For those who are wondering "Where can I advertise my apartment, rent it for free ?" then these sites are for you. Most offer free account creation and advertising. These companies deduct their percentage from the fees when everything is set up and the transaction is completed.

The allure and sophistication of luxury rental options that may require deeper exploration beyond the top ten sites
The quest for luxury navigating rental sites for high-end properties.

Luxury rental sites rank in the top ten

Only by arriving at the 10th place will you find the first of the luxury rental providers.

Luxury Retreats manages more than 4,000 villas. Each of them is carefully selected using a detailed checklist to ensure customers receive the premium experience they are looking for.

So, depending on the type of property you want to rent, you may need to dig a little deeper to find the high-end option that suits your property.

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Luxury vacation rental sites in abundance.

For those who own high-end properties and apartments, there are many suitable websites. Holidaymakers and businessmen can easily find exceptional properties. These sites offer ideal short-term hosting.

The elite traveler can choose from popular sites like One Fine Stay, Villas of Distinction, Boutique Homes and many more.

These luxury rental sites are perfect for owners and guests alike.

For those who own the type of property found on these sites, these elite rental platforms are much more than appropriate.

Marketing, advertising, management and others

It doesn't matter which end of the market your property is located in. It can be a luxury apartment in central London or Grandma's apartment above your garage.

The question "Where can I advertise the rental of my apartment?" is relevant in any case.

To place a tenant in a property, you need to develop an advertising plan that ensures that your house or apartment will be seen by the right people.

Choosing your best plan of attack

Taking care of your own business takes time and energy.

- Organize marketing strategies

- Find the best advertising space

- Create a budget adapted to occupy your property throughout the year

It's quite an issue if you don't have the right experience. Taking the risk of renting yourself, choosing from the abundance of available sites, can be quite random. Creating a booking flow to fill your calendar can become a full-time job in itself.

Good property management can be very beneficial!

You probably wouldn't be doing the maintenance of your own wall insulation or your own car, so why leave such an important task as occupying a property to someone other than an expert? If your budget is very small, it is quite understandable that "DIY" is your most profitable option. However, do you own a property that is rented high and welcomes a particular category of visitors? Wouldn't it be simpler and less stressful to let a specialist do the heavy lifting for you?

Property management frees you up time

Imagine how much time this would free up in your schedule – and what you could do instead. You might decide to take a trip on your own or find other properties to add to your portfolio. In any case, it's up to you to decide how to spend those hours, days and weeks you'll save.

Good decisions well made

A management service will help you determine which sites are good or bad for your property. Their experience will dictate which ones are more appropriate – and what can that do to you? As long as the money keeps pouring in without you having to worry about how and why, life is beautiful, isn't it? And there is absolutely no need to worry about it...

The difference between long-term rentals and vacation rentals

If I wanted to know where to advertise for renting my apartment, my first concern would be what kind of return I hope to get.

Shorter durations - higher returns

Short-term vacation rentals usually incur higher weekly fees, but require much more work.

Long-term rentals offer more security

A long-term tenant in your apartment will significantly reduce the amount of work you will have to do. Your property should be occupied year-round, but it will offer less income.

Rightmove, Zoopla, On The Market and The House Shop offer sales and rental opportunities for both the "handyman" and the real estate agent.

For your long-term rental, regardless of the level of your property, we suggest you consider them as great options. Again, if I was concerned about the budget, I could advertise renting my apartment for free (or my house, cottage or mansion) on these sites, as their payment comes from the sale or search for my tenant.

Don't neglect your local real estate agent

Of course, before the internet, your local real estate agent was practically your only option. You could put an ad in the window of the local newsagent, but it seems so outdated in today's society.

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Why have a dog and bark yourself?

Your local real estate agent will offer you a paid service, taking care of all the hard work on your behalf. Your real estate agent will take care of everything from taking photos to rent checks, holding deposits and deposits, etc.

It will also automatically present your property on the usual websites for the sale and rental of real estate. Okay, you'll pay for this privilege, but as we've seen before, this is what's most important to you. Is it your time and the quality of your daily life that counts? You have to know how to make the right choices!

And that brings us back to "closing the loop."

So, where can I advertise the rental of my apartment ? That is an open question. You need to decide on essential criteria. The level of the property, the duration of the rental, your investment in time and money - there are many questions that must first be answered. Whatever your decision, and whatever the most important decision for you, one thing is certain: you will never run out of options.

Determine your property's rental value with UpperKey as your tenant

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