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Why Should You Consider Rental Management in Paris rue François Ier?

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Rental management rue François Ier in Paris allows you to obtain a better return on investment. An opportunity to consider through seasonal rental. Rest assured, the process remains extremely simple, because all you have to do is entrust your project to an Airbnb concierge in Paris rue François Ier.

Flexibility of managing one's property on Airbnb
Customize your seasonal rental with ease on the Airbnb platform.

Why should you rent your apartment for seasonal rental?

Putting your home on Airbnb will allow you to quickly generate income. Indeed, rue François Ier remains particularly popular, because it is located in the heart of the Golden Triangle district, that is to say in the eighth arrondissement of Paris. In the meantime, it crosses Place du Canada, another must-see place for Parisians. It bears this name because the street also runs through Place François Ier.

Nearby you have all the appropriate shops, means of transport and luxury hotels. If you want to take advantage of this privileged location, registering on Airbnb is undeniably the first step. Thanks to this approach, you have an owner space on the Airbnb platform, accessible from your computer, phone or tablet. You will find all the necessary options for the configuration of the seasonal rental by indicating the specificities of your property and the calendar.

As part of a second home, you might be interested in keeping a time slot to go to your apartment. No problem, the platform allows you this kind of arrangement. Listing an apartment on Airbnb is not complicated. But to achieve optimal profitability, very precise know-how is still necessary. Indeed, competition is fierce and therefore your apartment must stand out from the competition. No need to pull the price down, because if you have quality accommodation, the price of the night will follow.

However, don't forget to incorporate into your calculation the Airbnb commission rate. A percentage of the amount of reservations will be automatically debited by the platform. Impossible to escape it and it is obviously a concept to integrate to avoid unpleasant surprises. Not to mention the additional cleaning fees if you don't handle this aspect yourself.

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Are you affected by rent controls for seasonal rentals?

You have certainly heard of rent controls in Paris and rue François Ier. Indeed, it is a legal provision under the impetus of the ELAN law. Moreover, it concerns the entire French capital, but also the agglomerations of more than 200,000 inhabitants. To rent your apartment on rue François Ier legally, you cannot set a monthly rent as you see fit. Impossible to escape the reference rent in Paris depending on the location of your property.

You should familiarize yourself with the area concerned by Rue François Ier and if you do not know where to start, we advise you to go immediately to your town hall. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions allowing you to have higher pricing, but only when your apartment has specific characteristics. To avoid this hassle, seasonal rental is the best solution.

How to get efficient Airbnb management on rue François Ier?

To circumvent the problem of rent caps, without the need to take out a unpaid rent insurance, the solution is to delegate management. Imagine that you are not there, it will be difficult for you to welcome temporary tenants and to manage the various interactions such as the general maintenance of the apartment and of course the cleaning. Yet these are absolutely necessary operations. If you are looking for other solutions, you risk degrading the quality of the accommodation and therefore getting a bad rating on the platform. In such conditions, it is difficult to rent with an attractive price for you.

Tranquility provided by a concierge service on a prime location like rue François Ier
Boost your accommodation's visibility with a concierge's expertise.

Don't panic, an Airbnb conciergerie rue François Ier will be very useful to you. No more worrying about professional photos or spending hours looking at a description that you can't complete. The agency's know-how will literally make all the difference, in particular by trusting UpperKey. A concierge with solid experience. Thus, all the elements are taken into consideration so that your accommodation benefits from the best visibility.

The principle of a concierge service is to take care of the complete rental management, without the slightest intervention on your part. A beneficial location for more tranquility.

How does UpperKey stand out from the competition?

An Airbnb conciergerie on rue François Ier has in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market. A necessity to adjust the price of the night according to supply and demand. While taking into account the most requested periods. As a result, it is a first-rate solution for generating additional income, without being a specialist and without spending time. This is why many owners have decided to trust the UpperKey agency.

If you too are convinced of the usefulness of the service, we advise you to take additional information in order to refine your choice. Moreover, taking information does not oblige you to commit yourself. But for a property located in rue François Ier in Paris, you are sure to obtain a very good return.

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