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The Top 12 Kitchen Essentials Airbnb Guests Look For

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Being a good Airbnb host entails providing guests with what they need for a great experience. Because it is important to your guests, you should ensure that your Airbnb has everything guests need to cook and consume food. A well-stocked kitchen helps your listing stand out among others in the area, and guests are likely to leave a better review that leads to more bookings if they have a good experience.

To ensure your Airbnb can meet your guests’ needs, here are the top kitchen essentials for Airbnb.

Sharp Knives and a Cutting Board

One thing that many Airbnb hosts consistently overlook is sharp knives and cutting boards. The issue is so common that many people report carrying their own knives when traveling to ensure they always have one at hand.

The importance of a well-equipped kitchen for a great Airbnb experience
Ensure your Airbnb has everything guests need for cooking and consuming food, for a standout listing and positive reviews.

Having knives in your Airbnb is not enough, as you also need to ensure they are not blunt. If they are, you will definitely see some guests mention this fact in negative reviews. At the bare minimum, you should have a serrated knife, a paring knife, and a chef’s knife. You can also buy whole sets and use a knife block to keep them organized.

A knife block eliminates a situation where you store the knives in a drawer where they bounce around and become blunt. Doing so can also be dangerous if a guest sticks their hand in a drawer with several sharp knives.

Also, get one or two sizable cutting boards. These ensure guests always prepare their meals on sanitary surfaces. They also stop your guests from cutting up your countertops or chipping your plates, which would happen if they used them as chopping surfaces.

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Coffee Machine

Most of your guests will wake up in the morning looking for a coffee machine. If you have a coffee maker for Airbnb, your guests will have a good experience, and you will see this in your reviews.

The best coffee maker for Airbnb is subjective because there are so many options. Common ones include Nespresso or Keurig machines, standard kettles, coffee bean grinders, electric kettles, and French presses.

In addition to picking one of the best coffee makers for Airbnb, it is also a good idea to show your thoughtfulness by providing coffee, sugar, cream, and honey. Your guests will appreciate it and be more likely to book with you again.

A Cooking Device

Every Airbnb that allows guests to prepare their own meals should have a cooking device. That could be a hotplate, oven, stovetop, toaster oven, or any other type of cooker. The hotplate is the best option if you want to prevent a fire hazard, but a gas cooker will always be faster as it does not heat up as a hotplate does.

If you provide a hotplate, you will need to keep an eye on your power consumption, as that could be a serious expense. The good news is that you can hire a property management company like UpperKey to manage your utilities and keep these costs low.

Whether you manage the property or use a property management company, ensure the guests know they must turn all devices off and unplug them before leaving.


Although you can use a microwave to cook some meals, it is best for heating something quickly. A microwave is also a good option for making coffee or tea. All of these make them an essential item you should include in your Airbnb kitchen list


There are a lot of things you need to provide as cookware. For starters, you need to get the best pots and pans for Airbnb. You should get pans of different sizes so your guests can choose and use the ones that are best for what they want to prepare. You should also consider your oven and hotplate to ensure you do not get any that are too large.

For pots, get one large enough to cook a whole box of pasta. It should be deep enough but have a diameter that matches the cooking devices in the Airbnb. For pans, you can get a pan about a foot in diameter and a cast iron skillet about 10 inches in diameter. Also, don’t forget to get matching lids for each of your pots and pans.

Since measuring is an important part of baking or cooking, you should also provide some measuring cups and spoons. Stackable measuring cups are an excellent option because they are easy to organize and help you make the most of the space you have.

Next, get some mixing bowls. These are great for everything from tossing a salad to mixing cake batter. Get different sizes so your guests have options.

Oven Mitts and Pan Holder

Pan holders and mitts are essential in any Airbnb because they protect your guests if they want to cook something on the stove or oven. It is important to have two or three sets and hand them nearby. Doing so will make it much easier for your guests to find them when they decide to cook.

Ensure sets are easily accessible for a convenient and safe cooking experience
Protect your guests with pan holders and mitts in your Airbnb kitchen.

Cups and Dishes

Your guests will also need some cups and dishes. You have numerous options to choose from here for both. For cups, you can get ceramic mugs, coffee mugs, and plastic cups. You can get these for sale on most retail websites.

Even though you have other options, the best dishes for Airbnb are porcelain ones. Porcelain is one of the most durable materials for dishes, so you will not need to replace them too often. There are also many eco-friendly options that will help you keep your Airbnb as green as possible. Some eco-friendly options, for example, wheat straw dishes, can be used in the dishwasher, microwave, or freezer without damaging them.

Getting dish sets is always best because they come with dishes of different sizes and types. For example, a set might have flat plates for typical meals or deep ones for soups.


Every Airbnb kitchen should have spoons, knives, and forks. If you are wondering how many of each to get, ask yourself how many guests you expect for every stay. Once you have this number, add three to four extra just to be safe.

One thing to remember is that silverware can get unsanitary if not cleaned and taken care of properly. For this reason, you should double-check everything once guests leave and air out the drawers to keep things sanitary.

You do not have to do this if you hire Upperkey to manage your Airbnb because they hire cleaners to ensure the property remains clean and sanitary for all guests who choose you.

Basic Utensils

You can add lots of different utensils to your Airbnb. However, you should at least have serving spoons, can and wine openers, spatulas, whisk, ladle, and tongs. All these will make your guests’ experience better when preparing or serving food and drinks.

Fridge and Freezer

Most guests expect a clean fridge and freezer when they book an Airbnb. If they are cooking, they want to keep their food there. Some even expect a few items in the fridge and appreciate it if it is provided. If the fridge has expired items or crumbs in it, that is a reflection of how clean the Airbnb is, and your guests will wonder which other areas you are not paying attention to.

If your kitchen does not have a freezer, make that clear in your listing. Guests do not want to find out this fact when they are on the property and have lots of frozen goods that will thaw if not stored under the right conditions.

Importance of a clean fridge for guests' satisfaction
Ensure your Airbnb's fridge and freezer are clean and well-maintained, meeting guests' expectations for a comfortable stay.

Trash Can and Recycling

Every kitchen should have a trashcan and a recycling receptacle. It is also a good idea to supply the guests with numerous trash bags so they can use them and remove the trash as they see fit. Letting your guests know where the trash is disposed of is also important. It might be evident to you, so you might not see it as a big deal, but no one wants to prolong taking out the trash.

Hand and Paper Towels

You should also leave one or two paper and hand towels beside the sink or somewhere obvious. Many people do not appreciate going through drawers with wet hands to find towels. Also, have one or two backups in a drawer nearby and let your guests know.

Lastly, place a cleaning solution nearby so your guests can wipe down different surfaces easily once they are done using them. When choosing a solution, choose one that cleans and sanitizes without the horrible chemical smells your guests will not appreciate.

Every Airbnb host should try to give their guests the best experience possible. Doing so includes providing what they need in the kitchen to prepare meals. What you include in your kitchen will depend on the type of guests you expect, but you should at least have the essentials discussed above because your guests expect them. You can get great deals for multiple items such as dishes, pots and pans online.

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