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Soho Property Management

A gathering place for young professionals, students, and artists
Explore Soho's iconic landmarks and dynamic arts scene.

How a Property Management Company Can Help

If you already have a property in Soho and want to take advantage of the high rental demand in the area, a property management company can help. What can a property management company in London do for you? You’ll get access to a range of services designed to make landlords’ lives exponentially easier. These include:

  • Advertising the property: Standing out in a crowded market can be tough. A good Soho property management company will know exactly where to advertise your property, and who to market it to, in order to find the ideal tenants. They’ll also have access to professionals such as photographers, videographers, and copywriters who’ll be able to make your listing stand out and get noticed.

  • Tenant screening: It’s every landlord’s worst fear – to find a tenant that seems great, only to find that they don’t actually earn enough money to cover the rent, they damage the property, or they’re known for changing the locks and sub-letting the property without permission, while failing to pay the rent. With a good property management company, you can ensure that your tenants are who they say they are. Your property management company will conduct background checks and affordability checks, confirm your potential tenant’s employment and get references from previous landlords.

  • Collecting rent: Unless you are lucky enough to have a reliable tenant who pays the rent like clockwork, collecting rent can be a big job for a landlord. With a good Airbnb management company, you’ll be able to rely on them to ensure that rent is paid on time each month. They will not only set up a rent payment schedule that works for everybody, but they can also chase late or missed payments and deal with any other rent payment problems.

  • Safety and maintenance: You can rely on a good property management company in Soho to keep your property safe and well-maintained. They’ll take over any regular jobs that need to be done such as cleaning and re-decorating in between tenancies. Plus, they’ll make sure that all the legal checks and jobs are done, like the EICR certificate or getting a Gas Safe Engineer to check the boiler every year. What’s more, many property management companies also provide an emergency response service. That means that if the tenant has a problem that needs addressing urgently in the middle of the night, they can call a dedicated number to get through to property management – rather than getting you out of bed.

  • Legal compliance: There’s a lot to keep up with when it comes to the changing laws regarding rental properties and landlords in the UK. How much deposit are you allowed to charge? Can you say no to pets? How much notice do you need to give tenants if you need them to move out? It can be overwhelming to say the last, especially if you’re working full-time, run a business, or have a family as well. A good Airbnb management company will take care of your property full-time, and it’s their job to keep abreast of these things so you don’t have to.

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Why To Pick Soho?

‘South of Holborn’ or Soho, as it’s more well-known, is a popular London neighbourhood known for cultural diversity, rich history and entertainment. It’s located in London’s vibrant West End and is a popular destination among both locals and tourists.

If you’re considering renting out a Soho property, there are several reasons why tenants love this area:

  • Location: Being a central, convenient location, Soho is an excellent choice for professionals working in the capital. There’s easy access to public transportation and vibrant areas of London such as the West End, making it easy to get to work and go out for some fun.

  • Culture: This area is well-known for a vibrant, buzzing cultural scene making it a popular choice with young people and creatives from around the world. Here you’ll find a huge range of restaurants, bars, clubs, historic buildings, tourist attractions and cultural events. People renting here will not run out of things to do in a hurry.

  • Lifestyle: Those looking for a lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere to live in will not be disappointed in Soho. It’s a very popular choice among London renters who enjoy a fast-paced, social lifestyle.

Handling cleaning and re-decorating tasks, symbolizing their expertise in regular property maintenance
Ensure a safe and well-maintained Soho property. Trust your property management company.

How Can Property Management Benefit You?

Airbnb management companies like Upperkey provide numerous advantages for property owners and tenants alike. For owners, it ensures efficient upkeep, maximizing returns while minimizing hassle. Experienced managers navigate rental regulations, optimize rates, and attract quality tenants. Tenants benefit from prompt maintenance, security, and fair lease agreements. Ultimately, Upperkey fosters a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship, enhancing the overall experience for all.

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Determine your property's rental value with UpperKey as your tenant

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