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Property Management Paris 6th arrondissement - Airbnb Concierge Paris 6th

Learn about their advantages and disadvantages to optimize your income
Professional management in Paris's 6th arrondissement or listing on Airbnb.

Guide to rental management in the sixth arrondissement in Paris

Are you looking for the best way to rent your apartment? There are many possibilities, but there is only one solution to optimize your income. Trusting a professional to opt for a rental management in the 6th arrondissement in Paris or deciding to put an apartment on Airbnb. Both solutions are interesting, hence the importance of understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

Discovering the emblematic districts of the 6th arrondissement

The least we can say is that it is interesting to put your accommodation on Airbnb when it is located in the sixth arrondissement of Paris. It is a tourist district present on the left bank of the Seine. Among the emblematic districts, you will find the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. A place not to be missed with many fashion boutiques, bookstores and cafes. But the area is also appreciated for its nightlife and the famous Paris School of Fine Arts.

But it is also interesting to rent your apartment in the sixth arrondissement for the Luxembourg garden. It is a public garden of about 25 hectares and it is undeniably the most beautiful green space of the capital. You will also find the Place Saint-Sulpice with the church of the same name. In the vicinity, restaurants, cafés and luxury stores. It is a meeting place appreciated by the inhabitants, but also by the tourists.

The Latin Quarter is another emblematic place of the capital with its famous universities and its cafés. Tourists love it because it is a place for nightlife. If you like good food, go to the Saint-Germain market to find fresh products.

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What does a property management company offer?

The rental management of the 6th arrondissement is done by a company with a perfect knowledge of the local market. Indeed, there are many districts with varying prices depending on the location of the property. Therefore, it is important to take these specifications into consideration in order to determine the rent price as accurately as possible.

Moreover, you probably don't want to worry about the many constraints in managing a tenant. Hence the interest in turning once again to a professional who will have no trouble liaising between owners and tenants.

However, choosing to rent your apartment in the 6th arrondissement implies a perfect knowledge of the regulations in force. On the one hand, there are specific rules regarding renting on French territory, but also regarding the reference rent in Paris in the 6th arrondissement. If you wish to know more about this subject, we invite you to read the appropriate section in the continuation of this article.

A professional can handle all the details and communication between owners and tenants
Relieve yourself from tenant management headaches!

Discover the advantages of rental management in Paris

It is tempting to manage a property yourself to avoid paying agency fees for management. However, this is not a good calculation, because the agency will do what is necessary to limit the vacancy, while optimizing the rent by ensuring the maintenance of the property. As a result, you get a better return on your investment in the long term.

But additional guarantees can also be taken out such as unpaid rent insurance. A necessity to preserve your income if ever you fall on a bad payer. The company specialized in property management in the sixth district will take all the necessary precautions before entrusting the property to a tenant. It is then a question of checking his solvency and of putting in competition of the potential tenants to retain only the best file.

On your side, you are much more serene, because you are not preoccupied by the various administrative steps and the many annoyances that you could have with a tenant. Once you entrust your property to the agency, it manages absolutely all the aspects and therefore you have no interaction with the tenant.

Don't forget to consider rent control in the sixth arrondissement of Paris

Many French cities have adopted rent control in order to fight against soaring prices. The sixth arrondissement is no exception and therefore you should take this measure into consideration. If you want to know more, you need to consult the latest prefectural notice and provide yourself with the characteristics of your property. You should therefore take into consideration the address of the property, the year of construction, the surface area and the possible presence of certain additional services.

If you ever fail to comply with the rent cap in Paris 6th arrondissement, the tenant may turn against you and claim damages. It is impossible to escape the rent ceiling in Paris 6th arrondissement, so this is another reason to delegate the rental management of your property to avoid any hassle.

Is it wise to put your apartment on Airbnb when it is located in the sixth arrondissement?

Putting your apartment on Airbnb is an interesting option, because the demand is very high in the districts of the arrondissement. Both for Parisians looking for a temporary accommodation, but also for tourists wishing to get closer to the emblematic places of the capital.

Unfortunately, you don't know how the platform works, except that you have to register on Airbnb. But the competition is tough and it is important to do what is necessary to make your property stand out from the competition. You need to adjust the price of the night, be available to respond to potential tenants and be responsive to any disputes.

These different elements can be managed from your Airbnb owner space, but if you don't have the time, then turn to an Airbnb concierge paris 6th arrondissement.

Opt for a complete management by trusting an Airbnb concierge

Airbnb concierge in the 6th arrondissement is the best solution to get the best possible income from your accommodation. As with traditional rental management, you don't need to deal with bookings and any exchange with potential tenants.

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The airbnb conciergerie 6ème arrondissement takes care of everything with the aim of freeing you from all technical and administrative constraints, but also so that you can get the best return. Once again, you have peace of mind and the concierge service remains beneficial to optimize your personal schedule. Besides, you may not be present in the sixth district and you do not have the time to systematically move to welcome the tenants.

Total peace of mind and optimal returns
Let the concierge handle all technical and administrative tasks, while you focus on your schedule.

How did UpperKey establish itself as the go-to concierge in the sixth arrondissement?

Entrust UpperKey with the management of Airbnb in the 6th arrondissement and you won't regret your choice. No need to waste time taking pictures of your property, writing the ad and answering tenants' emails. The same is true for the booking schedule, the reception and the departure of the tenants. Of course, in your profitability calculation, you take into consideration the Airbnb commission rate and the agency fees. But, you benefit from an expertise to obtain a profitability that you could not have had by acting alone.

So, don't hesitate to go through an agency expert in the rental management of your property.

Determine your property's rental value with UpperKey as your tenant

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