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Olympics 2024 Hosting Guide: Maximize Your Rental Profits

Updated: May 10

The 2024 Olympics represent an interesting opportunity for seasonal rentals. Therefore, you may be interested in making some money. Nevertheless, do not forget to respect the specific rules of renting in Paris, but also to get help from a concierge to optimize your investment.

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How do I rent my apartment during the Olympics?

Next year, the Paris Olympic Games 2024 will be a major event. As a result, you want to take the opportunity to generate additional income. But many questions are still in your mind: “How to accommodate tourists during the 2024 Olympics? ". "How to rent out your main residence for the Olympics?

Renting my apartment legally implies respecting the limit of 120 rental nights when it comes to the main residence. So, if you are not used to the Airbnb platform, you have all the time you need to generate income. Indeed, the Olympics take place over 17 nights. We must also not forget the additional nights for the Paralympic Games. In Paris and elsewhere in other French cities, the limit of 120 nights in the year must be respected as an individual.

But you could perfectly rent your second home and in this case your property is considered to be an Airbnb type furnished tourist rental. However, a change of use remains necessary by undertaking the process with the town hall of Paris. In compensation for the short-term rental, certain requirements will be required of you. Finally, do not forget to take into consideration the introduction of the mobility lease. An excellent alternative for renting in Paris on Airbnb while taking advantage of the 2024 Olympics.

The most important thing is anticipation, because not all the steps are instantaneous. However, if you lack responsiveness, you will not necessarily have the time necessary to be legal. For example, you must provide a registration number to the town hall. This is information that you indicate on your Airbnb advertisement and with this registration number you are in the legality. To obtain it, you can approach the town hall directly or go to the website, because the process is also dematerialized.

Importance of adhering to the specific rules of renting in Paris
Leverage the 2024 Olympics for profitable seasonal rentals in Paris.

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Is it easy to rent out your apartment?

By taking all the information beforehand and respecting the legislation for furnished tourist accommodation, you will have no difficulty in renting. As explained in the previous paragraph, you make all the necessary arrangements with the town hall to call back. The rule of thumb is to get a registration number and not exceed the 120 day limit per year.

If you are not currently an owner, but a tenant, subletting remains a possibility. However, it is impossible to go beyond the rules of co-ownership. At the same time, you get permission from the current owner. The slightest breach exposes you to a particularly heavy fine with a ceiling of €50,000 and an increase of €1,000 per rental day.

For its part, the International Olympic Committee has made all arrangements to welcome accredited personnel and athletes. As a result, more than 40,000 accommodations have already been selected. But this is an insufficient number to accommodate the expected tourist flow in the Paris region. This is why seasonal rentals will be particularly in demand. It is in your best interest to use the big platforms like Airbnb and

How to rent out your apartment for the Olympics as an individual?

First, you register on the platform if you do not have account. You discover an ergonomic interface, accessible from your computer or mobile phone. Once connected, you fill in all the information specific to your apartment. Put yourself in the shoes of a temporary traveler, you want a detailed description and quality photos. Be sure to respect these different elements, otherwise you will face direct competition from other goods in your sector.

If necessary, hire a professional photographer. In the description of your ad, be extremely specific and remember that international travelers will probably consult your ad. Rather than writing it exclusively in French, insert at least a translation in the language of Shakespeare. Then, you take the time to determine the price of the night according to the surface area of your property, its location and of course supply and demand.

Providing specific and translated descriptions to cater to international travelers
Create an appealing Airbnb listing for your property.

When will it be most relevant to rent out my apartment for the Olympics?

Don't wait for the Olympics to start to use the seasonal rental. The event will begin on July 26, 2024 with a very grand ceremonial opening. Contrary to custom, the celebration does not take place in a stadium, but throughout the French capital. Then, the events will take place in different strategic sites depending on the discipline.

As a result, we recommend that you start rentals from June and end them in August or September. Of course, it all depends on the number of nights you want to offer, always respecting the limit of 120 nights per year.

How many days can I rent my main residence?

As an individual, you respect the previous rule, i.e. the limit of 120 nights each year. To go beyond this limit, you have no choice but to circumvent the legislation by using the traditional rental or using a mobility lease. However, these different systems are not necessarily in line with the expectations of temporary travellers. If you are used to the Airbnb platform, you could temporarily suspend your rentals to focus only during the 2024 Olympics period.

Indeed, the price of the night can easily be multiplied by two or four depending on your location. Imagine that your apartment is located near the athletics or swimming events, so it will take very little time to find a seasonal tenant.

The usefulness of using the services of an Airbnb concierge

The 2024 Olympic Games correspond to a lively period with many requests. To satisfy all travelers, your presence is required, as well as your time. If you are unable to respond favorably to these elements, we strongly advise you to be assisted by a concierge. Indeed, a professional agency will take care of integral management of your seasonal rental.

All interactions with tenants will be handled with great care, but the same goes for taking photos and posting the ad. For your part, you have a free spirit and you no longer have to worry about cleaning, leaving and welcoming visitors or interactions. So if you are interested in this service, contact the UpperKey concierge immediately.

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