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Is it Wise to Rent a Haussmann Apartment?

The Haussmann apartment is undeniably backed by the city of Paris. It is characterized by a stone facade, balcony, fireplace, wooden parquet and the famous PMC. If you own a Haussmann apartment, you may be interested in renting it out. Therefore, we will provide you with all the necessary advice.

 Learn valuable tips and tricks for successfully renting out your Paris gem
Discover the classic features of a Haussmann apartment: stone facade, balcony, fireplace, wooden parquet, and the famous PMC.

Where can you find Haussmann apartments in Paris?

If you know the French capital a bit, you know that the Haussmann apartment in Paris is located in certain neighborhoods more than others. To understand this distribution, it is necessary to focus on Mr. Hausmann. A man of order who loved straight lines and perspectives. Its objective was to proceed with the ventilation of the city of Paris by favoring the alignment rather than the widening of the streets. So, he had the idea of making large rectilinear breakthroughs on the existing buildings by obviously compensating the owners.

Another specific feature is that the width of the streets has been kept, making it easier for cavalry to move around. You should also know that the Haussmann apartments are located on axes connecting the 6 main stations of the city of Paris. At the time of their construction, the railway network occupied a prominent place. Hence the need to connect them using boulevards, avenues, squares and streets. It is a particularly dense network focusing on specific districts to the west of Paris.

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Why are Haussmann apartments in demand?

From an exterior point of view, the Haussmann apartment is immediately identifiable. Indeed, it obeys a precise architectural unit with a certain homogeneity in the constructions. The first imperative is based on the use of cut stone. Previously reserved for monuments, it was now used for housing. Another characteristic element, the facades of buildings always have the same height.

The latter must be proportional to the width of the street without exceeding 18 m for a six-storey building. Visually, you get a remarkable rendering and a real external balance. This is an aspect that appeals to many investors.

But that's not all, looking at the roof, you will always see zinc plates. An affordable material that is easy to work with and cut. But it is also a new material for the time and therefore a sign of modernity. With the lightening of the frame, a new room appears: the maid's room.

Finally, it is impossible not to mention the unified decoration with a simulation of the joints between the stones to systematically play on the horizontal lines. It is a typical aspect of the Haussmann style and its aesthetic peculiarities increase the attractiveness of potential tenants.

The Haussmann style appeals to many people

Previously, we were talking about the characteristic exterior appearance. But you will also find typical elements inside a Haussmann apartment. Starting with solid parquet, sometimes herringbone, herringbone or herringbone pattern. A coating that naturally brings a touch of charm and cachet to the property. But you should know that over time, the parquet may have undergone certain deformations and when you walk you hear creaks.

The famous moldings are also inseparable from the Haussmann style. These are ornaments in plaster or wood that you find along the walls or at the corners of the ceiling. It is a typical style of Art Deco geometry or in a Louis XV style. In any case, these are small elements that literally make the difference and underline the characteristic style of the time.

The last element that particularly appeals to potential tenants. Is the Haussmann chimney. In many apartments you find a marble structure, but it may not be functional anymore. Previously, it had enough power to heat the entire home. But nowadays, it is rather a decorative element that will once again underline the charm of the Haussmann style.

Admire the exquisite plaster or wood moldings that adorn the walls and ceilings
Experience the charm of herringbone or chevron pattern parquet, though it may creak with age.

Is it wise to invest in a Haussmann apartment?

When it comes to investment real estate, it is essential to focus on location. Indeed, it is a major element and know that the answer will be positive. Indeed, Haussmannian buildings are located in multiple arrondissements of Paris and more particularly in the eighth. In the Champs-Élysées district or near Porte Maillot.

Similarly, you will find Haussmann apartments in the 17th arrondissement in the Rochechouart district and in the Ternes district. As you walk through the ninth arrondissement, you will also find them in the Invalides and École Militaire district. Same observation in the seventh and the sixth arrondissement near the district of Montparnasse.

Unsurprisingly, these are particularly popular areas and therefore the price per square meter remains high. Nevertheless, if you have the necessary budget to invest in a Haussmann property in this sector, you will obtain excellent profitability. If you have a limited budget, it is better to fall back on neighborhoods that are less expensive per square meter.

Particularly in the Montrouge district in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. But also in the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul district in the 10th arrondissement as well as in the Salpêtrière district in the 13th.

Why invest in a Haussmann apartment?

If you already have a property in this style, the question of investment does not arise and you can rent it out. Otherwise, ask yourself the right questions, because the initial budget is not negligible. In some neighborhoods, prices can easily rise above €14,000 per square meter. As a result, a significant budget is still necessary to make your real estate investment.

However, profitability is there, because it is generally luxury apartments that will attract an elitist clientele. An ideal option would be to find a satisfactory price per square meter in relation to the neighborhood. In addition, some development work is sometimes necessary and therefore it will be necessary to provide an additional budget envelope.

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