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Complete Guide to Rental Management on Paris' Montaigne Avenue

Are you interested in the rental management avenue Montaigne? In this case, you must seek the best service by approaching a specialized agency like UpperKey. Quickly, you will be seduced by the support with services corresponding exactly to your needs. No need to worry, as all interactions with tenants will be handled with incredible precision.

Montaigne with luxury shops perfect for tourists and newcomers
Mazimize the use of amazing tourist spots in Paris Avenue Montaigne through effective rental management

What are the specifics to know to register on Airbnb?

Listing your home on Airbnb can be done in different ways. First of all, by managing your seasonal rental yourself. You know that you will have no difficulty renting your property, provided you highlight it and define the right price for an overnight stay. Avenue Montaigne is located in the eighth arrondissement of Paris and it limits the famous Golden Triangle. With a width of 615 m, Avenue Montaigne crosses the Place de l'Alma, it runs along the Seine to end at the roundabout of the Champs-Élysées.

This is a particularly pleasant avenue with many fenced gardens. In addition, the area is particularly well served thanks to the presence of line 9 of the Paris metro as well as numerous RATP bus lines. So, renting your apartment will not be a problem, but remember to do it in the best possible way. If you ever have any difficulties, do not hesitate to consider the rental management.

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Taking into account the fees of the American platform

The Airbnb commission rate is automatically applied as soon as a reservation is made. Generally, you donate part of the money earned to ensure the proper functioning of the site. Be aware that there are fees when you go through an Airbnb avenue Montaigne concierge. A significant cost, but very quickly amortized by increasing the attractiveness of your apartment.

On average, tenants will stay between three and four days. After the departure of the seasonal tenant, you must manage the cleaning or delegate this operation to a specialized agency. Without forgetting the general maintenance of the property, because sometimes damage can appear.

But, putting your home on Airbnb is an opportunity for many owners wishing to generate additional income. For example, you have a second home and you do not use it all year round. Rather than leaving your property vacant, you take the opportunity of seasonal rentals to earn money. But you could also make a real estate investment in Avenue Montaigne. An area popular with tourists and Parisians and therefore you will have no difficulty renting it.

Take into account the reference rent in Paris avenue Montaigne

The 80 districts of the Parisian capital have been grouped into 14 distinct zones. Then, a median rent was established, per square meter and in euros. Thus, the rental price remains defined in relation to the period of construction and the number of rooms. Then you can add a 20% markup where possible. Conversely, the price cannot fall below 30% of the reference rent. However, this is a specificity that you do not have to take into consideration with the seasonal rental.

The reference rent in Paris on avenue Montaigne only concerns traditional rentals. Otherwise, you risk a fine of €5,000 if you are an individual and up to €15,000 for a company.

To avoid being bothered by rent controls in Paris on avenue Montaigne or in another French city of 200,000 inhabitants, forget about traditional rentals and opt for seasonal rentals. For ensure stable income, unpaid rent insurance is not compulsory, but it is still strongly recommended. Admittedly, these are additional costs, but you will pay for them quickly.

Expertise and support available through an Airbnb concierge service like UpperKey
Overcome property management challenges in various seasons and circumstances with a concierge service

What is the benefit of using an Airbnb Paris avenue Montaigne concierge?

With the presence of an airbnb concierge avenue Montaigne , you are much more serene, because you do not manage any interaction in the seasonal rental. Otherwise, you must manage the publication of professional photos yourself and display an attractive description to stand out from the competition. When someone is likely to rent your apartment, they contact you. This implies a certain availability and responsiveness on your part.

Once the reservation has been made, you must be present to hand over the keys and distribute the final instructions. Same scenario at the time of departure. If you don't live nearby or don't have the time, how will you manage your property? Do not panic, a concierge service remains an excellent way to benefit from highly efficient Airbnb management. Whether on avenue Montaigne or on another Parisian thoroughfare.

This is a turnkey service, meaning that all the features needed to increase your profitability will be present. You have a free mind, but you know that you can rely on a team of experts when you need advice from a technical, commercial, administrative or tax. In this regard, UpperKey is a real reference, because it is a concierge attentive to the well-being of its customers.

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