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Long-Term Airbnb Rentals: Essential Insights for Property Owners

Airbnb is an essential platform for seasonal rentals. From now on, the American giant wishes to diversify its offer by moving towards long-term rental with Airbnb offering a multitude of accommodations. This is an excellent opportunity to welcome new travelers, particularly expatriates, workers far from home or even students.

Airbnb Property Management and Concierge Services

How to offer Airbnb long-term accommodation?

If you are interested in renting an Airbnb long-term, know that you have no concerns from a technical point of view if you are used to renting short-term properties. In fact, there is no major difference. The only necessity concerns the price adjustment with the possibility of applying a monthly discount. Don’t forget to pay attention to the cancellation policy either, as it remains different.

For setting up an Airbnb in long-term rental, you obviously indicate the availability of the accommodation and once you have carried out this operation, you set up reductions at the week or month. Obviously, this is in no way an obligation, but a recommendation that we advise you to follow in order to put all the chances on your side.

It is still important to focus on the cancellation policy for long-term rentals. No action on your part will be required, as it is automatically applied when a traveler makes a reservation for at least 28 days. For more details, we advise you to contact the platform's customer service immediately.

Rent an Airbnb long term without technical hassles, adjust rates with monthly discount, check cancellation.

Can you rent Airbnb accommodation all year round?

Before renting accommodation, it is important to read regulatory specificities on French territory. When it is your main residence, you are required to respect the 120 nights rule. Moreover, this is not a rule specific to Airbnb, but to any rental platform. This is a particularity of the ELAN law and please note that it has come into force since November 2018. Beyond the 120-day period, you must obtain authorization for change of use.

This is a way of transforming your main residence into furnished tourist accommodation and we advise you to begin this process by immediately contacting the town hall. An exemption must be requested from the moment you wish to move towards a rental of more than 120 nights. For your part, you are going to be away for a certain period of time and therefore you want to supplement your income by making your main residence available. Once again, all information must be obtained by contacting the tax authorities in your area.

Above all, never ignore administrative procedures, because the penalties are particularly heavy. For example, an Airbnb for long-term rental in Paris will be closely monitored by the municipality and in the event of an inspection, you will have to justify yourself.

Renting Airbnb all year round in France: respect the strict rules.

The advantages of Airbnb long-term rental

Long-term Airbnb rentals are an excellent springboard for attracting new travelers such as people on professional mobility, students or expatriates. In this context, this hosting solution is absolutely essential. Therefore, when you own real estate, whether it is your primary or secondary residence, you could be attracted by this type of investment.

In this way, you will be able to greatly limit the occupancy rate of your property, because you are addressing new travelers and you are putting all the chances on your side to limit rental vacancies. In addition, rental management becomes much simpler, because you keep the same tenant for several weeks or several months. As a result, the workload decreases drastically.

As you probably know, seasonal rentals generate many additional costs requiring you to go through a concierge service or manage the household linen and general maintenance yourself. From now on, operational costs will fall thanks to long-term rental. Rest assured, you retain real flexibility, because you can rent for a short period or, on the contrary, for a longer period.

Long-term Airbnb rentals attract diverse travelers, simplify management, and reduce costs.

The limits of Airbnb long-term rental

It is obvious that long-term stays guarantee you a multitude of advantages and we have taken the time to detail them for you in the previous paragraph. Obviously, do not forget to respect the regulations in force, otherwise you may be exposed to multiple sanctions. That is to say that you respect the rule of 120 nights, unless you manage to obtain an exemption from the municipality.

For your main residence, this exception applies when you are absent from your home for a minimum period of four months. However, it is imperative to justify your absence by force majeure, health problems or professional reasons. In this scenario and only in this context, you obtain a very valuable exemption allowing you to accept long-term reservations.

To find out more, go directly to the town hall concerned to obtain additional information. The administrative service will guide you in the direction by telling you what you are allowed to do and not to do.

Make the most of your time and accommodation

With Airbnb, long-term rental takes on a new dimension. This is an excellent way to make your home profitable while saving time. In fact, you make your property available to travelers for a minimum period of 28 days. An idyllic situation when you have a second home, because the rental period does not only take place during the summer months or only for weekends.

With this possibility, you will have to meet another type of travelers such as workers or students looking for accommodation for several weeks or several months. Let’s take the example of a student wishing to complete a university year. In such a context, rental takes place from September to June. An idyllic situation, because you will have the same tenant for several months and during that time, you do not have to worry about administrative tasks or the maintenance of your property. You are therefore less concerned and you put all the chances on your side to optimize your investment.

With Airbnb, long-term rental offers profitability and ease of maintenance, attracting diverse tenants.

Need help managing your Airbnb listing?

For efficient management of your Airbnb accommodation, do not hesitate to contact a concierge service such as UpperKey. Very quickly, you will be seduced by the many advantages of the solution, but also a dialogue facilitated by a single contact. It’s simple, the concierge takes care of everything, that is to say putting your property online, its description and photos. Interactions with potential travelers are also managed by professionals and therefore you no longer need to invest.

It’s a way to save time, but also money by optimizing rental profitability. As a bonus, you receive a lot of very useful advice to showcase your property, whether for short-term or long-term rental.

Airbnb Property Management and Concierge Services



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