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Boost Your Lisbon Airbnb Success with Professional Management Services from The UpperKey

Updated: May 9

Do you currently own an Airbnb property in Lisbon? Are you looking for a way to ensure the property stays occupied throughout 2023 and ensure guests have a positive experience each time they stay? Unless you can dedicate all your time and energy to property management it can be hard to do it yourself. Concierge services (Airbnb management company Lisbon) are something that guests have come to expect nowadays, and require dedicated attention 24/7. Is that something you can offer? Likely it’s not, so what’s the solution?

Here we’ll take a look at what Airbnb concierge services entail, as it’s not just the guests who benefit, how these services help your property to be competitive, and why outsourcing to a Lisbon rental agency like UpperKey may be the best solution for you as a host to offer the best Airbnb Lisbon has seen.

Representing the benefits of Airbnb concierge services for property owners
Enhance your Airbnb experience and discover concierge services.

Why Concierge Services are Important to Your Guests?

Because you are creating an experience with your property, it’s always important to step into your guests’ shoes, imagining what they want and need from their accommodations. A prime location and a comfortable space are a top priority, but many need more than just that to be truly satisfied.

Did you know that a concierge service can help with such things as making dining recommendations and reservations, arranging a taxi, arranging additional cleaning services, sending out clothes to the dry cleaner, setting up a grocery delivery before guests even arrive, helping with issues that arise in the property during the guest's stay (repairs), and even taking care of the checking in and out process so all goes smoothly and quickly?

Each of these provides added value to the property which makes it possible for your Airbnb in Lisbon to stand out from others. Lisbon is a very busy and popular tourist destination, any chance you can find and create to make your property feel unique and “better” than others should be embraced. This is also how you elevate your property to a five-star rated one, giving guests every amenity they want and need while providing timely responses to their queries.

You can read all about what to expect from an Airbnb concierge service here, and get a more in-depth understanding of the offering.

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Housecleaning Can Be More Tailored and Complete

Housecleaning deserves a mention of all its own, as this is easily one of the biggest benefits of having concierge services. Remember, your guests won't all be the same, they will have unique needs and wants and housecleaning and housekeeping need to adjust to them.

You may have guests that require extra bedding, cleaning supplies, towels, and so forth. This may be arranged in advance, or it may be a request upon check-in. Having a concierge service ready and available means they can react at that moment and ensure the needs of the guest are met.

During their stay they may also require additional cleaning or supplies, again, having someone that can answer their request promptly will make a massive difference in terms of satisfaction.

What About Repairs and Maintenance?

Even if your Lisbon property is in excellent condition, wear and tear take a toll, and eventually you'll have some basic maintenance and repairs that need to be done. If you aren’t there in person to manage your property it can be difficult to stay on top of these issues and ensure things don’t slip under the cracks.

Airbnb concierge cleaning services aren't meant to be a basic once-over after the guest departs; rather, they include thorough disinfection and deep cleaning, plus it's an opportunity to assess the property looking for damage and potential issues. The service can then make repairs so that the property is ready to welcome its next guest.

Representing how concierge services help property owners stay on top of maintenance and repairs
Staying on top of maintenance and the value of concierge services.

Concierge Services Can Offer Valuable Insight into the Property

Here’s a benefit that property owners don’t always realise but is equally as important. Because the concierge service is the one dealing with the property and the guest's requests/issues, they can start to notice issues or areas of improvement that they can advise you on. These tips can help to lead to better occupancy rates and even the ability to charge more for the property. Remember, it is advice coming from a professional.

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Free Up Your Time by Outsourcing Your Concierge Services

As you look at this long list of services that a concierge can help with and you start to understand the full breadth of its benefits, you also see how it can free up your time significantly. How many times have you had a guest staying in your Lisbon property only to get many telephone and/or email messages from them asking for help or assistance in some way?

Unless you have time to be a dedicated property manager without anything else on your plate, chances are you won’t be able to respond to them promptly – if at all. Just imagine how poorly that will reflect in your guest reviews if you’ve ignored their questions and called for assistance. This is exactly why outsourcing makes sense. It’s the same concept that is applied to any business when weighing the benefits of outsourcing. At its core, outsourcing is meant to free up time, save money, and use resources in the most efficient way possible.

Companies such as UpperKey are available to act as your primary renter for a specific amount of time, becoming your full property manager. What that means is that Upper Key will be the one fielding those messages and phone calls and ensuring the Airbnb concierge services are delivered seamlessly.

This is perfect for property owners that need more than a basic concierge service, it's meant to feel more like dedicated staff looking after your guests, which they will love. Chances are the property doesn't have a dedicated Airbnb representative on-site 24/7, which is where UpperKey steps in and becomes that available connection for guests in need of help and assistance.

Once you have a dedicated service taking over the management of your Airbnb concierge service you can also offload such important duties as handing over and getting back the keys, going over the rules of the property with guests, dealing with cancellations, even the last-minute ones, alerting you of unexpected expenses or issues that may need to be dealt with, and so forth.

The ease and efficiency in managing Airbnb properties with the support of concierge services
Effortless management and achieve Airbnb excellence with help.

Concierge Services Can Help Your Lisbon Property Shine

If you’re looking for a way to help your Lisbon Airbnb property shine and stand out from the competition (as Airbnb stays in Lisbon Portugal rise in popularity and demand), a full-service Airbnb management concierge service is the way to go. Not only does it offer all kinds of benefits to your guests, helping to position your property as a five-star rental, but you can also outsource to a property management company like Upper Key and then free up your time completely.


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