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Boost Your Airbnb Bookings for the Paris 2024 Olympics: Essential Tips for Hosts

Updated: May 10

As the 2024 Paris Olympics approach, Airbnb hosts are experiencing a booking boom. Our blog explores essential strategies for hosts to maximize their opportunities during this surge. Backed by Airbtics' insightful data, discover key trends and leverage The Upper Key's services to ensure a successful hosting experience.

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Key Takeaways:

● According to Airbtics data, the Occupancy rate in Paris remained the same (100%) from August to September 2023, with an average revenue of €50,584. With this said, Airbnb hosts can earn €50,584 as much as last year!

● Although Paris is the main city of the Olympics, there are other 10 hosting cities in France that Airbnb hosts can take advantage of. The city with the highest revenue next to Paris is Nice with €34,682 followed by Tahiti (€26,614), Bordeaux (€26,432), and Versailles (€24,783)

● After discovering the average revenue of these French cities, it’s time to strategize on how to manage the booking boom in the next months! With UpperKey’s full management service in Paris, no need to work hard while ensuring your profitability during this peak season. UpperKey will do the hard work so you can relax and enjoy the 2024 Paris Olympics while earning money from your Airbnb business.

As an official Olympics partner, Airbnb is expecting to host half a million visitors in 2024. This isn’t surprising at all, as France is the second-largest growing Airbnb market after the US, generating $15 billion in revenue this 2023.

In addition, Airbnb listings in Paris are usually fully booked, considering that it is a world-renowned tourist destination. If we dig deeper into the city's key metrics, we will discover that the average is 100% during the last few months of the year (August-September) while the median revenue is over €50,584. This allows hosts to enjoy rewarding investment experiences, as their properties are usually always fully booked.

Paris Occupancy Rates in August 2023. Source:

Paris Occupancy Rates in September 2023. Source:

Due to the 2024 Paris Olympics, the 100% occupancy rate will surely last until July 2024. Grab this opportunity to earn more from your listings!

Don’t have listings in Paris? Expand your chances in other hosting cities!

Although Paris is the main city of the Olympics, some other cities are also hosting this biggest sporting event. According to Airbtics’ data, looks like Nice has the highest revenue with €34,682 with a 91% occupancy rate and €109 nightly rate. Not bad, right? It was followed by Tahiti, Bordeaux, and Versailles, while Saint-Etienne has the lowest revenue potential.

  1. Nice Stadium

● Airbnb Annual Revenue: €34,682

● Median Occupancy Rate: 91%

● Average Nightly Rate: €109

  1. Teahupo'o in Tahiti

● Airbnb Annual Revenue: €26,614

● Median Occupancy Rate: 73%

● Average Nightly Rate: €101

  1. Bordeaux Stadium

● Airbnb Annual Revenue: €26,432

● Median Occupancy Rate: 83%

● Average Nightly Rate: €90

  1. The Château de Versailles

● Airbnb Annual Revenue: €24,783

● Median Occupancy Rate: 76%

● Average Nightly Rate: €91

  1. Stade Vélodrome and Roucas-Blanc Marina in Marseille

● Airbnb Annual Revenue: €21,804

● Median Occupancy Rate: 74%

● Average Nightly Rate: €81

  1. Stade La Beaujoire in Nantes

● Airbnb Annual Revenue: €17,071

● Median Occupancy Rate: 76%

● Average Nightly Rate: €63

  1. Lyon Stadium in Décines

● Airbnb Annual Revenue: €15,197

● Median Occupancy Rate: 64%

● Average Nightly Rate: €63

  1. Stade Pierre Mauroy in Villeneuve-d’Ascq

● Airbnb Annual Revenue: €14,564

● Median Occupancy Rate: 74%

● Average Nightly Rate: €58

  1. CNTS Shooting Range in Châteauroux

● Airbnb Annual Revenue: €12,807

● Median Occupancy Rate: 63%

● Average Nightly Rate: €56

  1. Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium in Saint-Étienne

● Airbnb Annual Revenue: €9,272

● Median Occupancy Rate: 56%

● Average Nightly Rate: €45

After getting your head into a quick overview of Airbnb data in France, you’ll probably have your top 3 cities on your list! So, let’s move forward on how to manage the booking boom of the 2024 Paris Olympics without putting so much workload on your hands!

5 Strategies to Manage the Surge of Your Airbnb Bookings

As everyone gets excited about the surge of bookings, there’s also the hassle and bustle part of managing all your Airbnb listings during this peak season. Preparing ahead of time is the best advice you can receive, and it’s time to discover how you can do that efficiently.

Paris 2024
Airbnb hosts gear up for the 2024 Paris Olympics booking surge with essential strategies and insights from Airbtics' data.

Calendar Sync & Integration

Let’s start with the obvious. Do you have multiple listings in the same location, or multiple listings in different locations? Whether it’s the same or different locations in France, you don’t want to experience double bookings. The most obvious thing to do is to sync your calendar through Airbnb to ensure that when you confirm a reservation for the entire place, the corresponding dates will automatically be marked as unavailable.

Meanwhile, if you have listed your properties in different marketplaces other than Airbnb, such as, Expedia, and VRBO, then you need a channel manager where you can sync all of your listings in one place and integrate them into Google Calendar. This simple yet crucial task helps you centralize all your listings and properties in one place.

Maximize Software to Automate Manual Tasks

Don’t burden yourself with unending manual tasks. Utilize the power of technology to automate them through using property management software or a vacation rental tool. These tools offer noble features that save you time and make everything seamless. The good thing? There are tons of PMS out there to choose from!

Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Communicate with Guests

In reality, there are two non-vacation rental tools that Airbnb hosts are using apart from the VRM tools. It’s Slack and ChatGPT. Maximize AI to communicate with your guests to speed up your workflow and processes. For instance, you can feed ChatGPT with your data and ask it to craft a welcome message template for you!

Look for a Co-Host

They say, “Two heads are better than one.” In times like these, you can look for a co-host in Paris or other cities in France to give you a hand in other tasks that you need. Example tasks are prepping up your homes for the 2024 Paris Olympics, coordinating with different suppliers, looking up cleaning services, and helping you communicate with the guests.

Don’t know where to look for a co-host? Begin with CoHost Market, which connects Airbnb hosts who are looking to cohost and looking for a cohost.

Look for an Airbnb Management Company: The Best Way to Unburden Yourself while Making Profits!

The best way to unburden yourself from the tons of workload while increasing your profit is to get yourself an Airbnb management company. You may start with UpperKey’s full Airbnb rental concierge service during the 2024 Paris Olympics[1] . UpperKey will assist you in your end-to-end Airbnb hosting process from figuring out the legalities of Paris vacation rentals to 24/7 Guest support and management service.

Apart from this particular event’s services, UpperKey also offers a completed tailor-made concierge service for your rental properties from crafting listings, coordinating check-ins and key management, 24/7 support, and communicating with guests, to cleaning services.

In short, you don’t have to worry about your bookings during the event. You can focus your precious time on preparing and enjoying yourself during the 2024 Paris Olympics while making money!

Lastly, if you want to maximize your flat–here’s a comprehensive guide[2] on how to rent out your flat in Paris!

Increase Airbnb Revenue during the 2024 Paris Olympics!

Want to make more money during the 2024 Paris Olympics? Then try rental arbitrage or put your own apartment on Airbnb[3] during this peak season. Locals are encouraged to rent their homes for a while due to the booking boom.

If you still have the bandwidth to do that, prep up your home while it’s still early! In hindsight, it would only take you $3,000 to start an Airbnb.


Hosting an Airbnb isn’t an easy job. Airbnb hosts have to juggle many tasks all at once while thinking of the potential profitability of their listings. With this kind of once-in-a-lifetime event, it’s the best time of the year to earn more and flourish your Airbnb business. There are services like UpperKey and Airbnb data providers like Airbtics that can help you manage your bookings without a sweat, and discover how much you can earn from your efforts.

Airbnb Concierge and Property Management Services


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